Schools could use a return to history

Posted: Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Matt Towery had a very interesting editorial (Opinion, Aug. 30) on Politics creeping into the private schools, but I think it is much more serious than that. The National Union of School Teachers is probably the largest lobbying organization in the United States and the colleges with their runaway liberal professors are trying to influence young people instead of teaching history or regular courses of learning.

The changes I have noticed are that when I was in school in grades 1 through 12 and almost 2 years of college there is not one of my teachers of which I had knowledge of their political affiliation. They had no time for that as they were too busy teaching the students how to write, not print, Count change back for a dollar with out having a computer to do that and teaching a few things about history and literature instead of crafts.

Another thing I read was about an insurance promoter, probably an expert at something saying that it is affecting the young students just starting school because they do not have insurance coverage, of course he was selling insurance. I wonder If Abraham Lincoln or President Truman worried about insurance coverage when they were children. Abe was probably dodging Arrows. And the horrors of not having electricity or running water were probably mind boggling to him.

Sports has been my life, and in our school if your grades were not up, you did not play. I am afraid that too many high school and college students are being passed on by teachers with illiterate grades. Also recruiting in High school was an absolute No-No. Not like in the larger cities now.

With the use of steroids and drugs today, It is not enjoyable to watch any of the sports now because you do or do not know how many are on drugs. We didn’t need drugs as our fathers in the 40’s had plenty of work to do as training exercises, like 10-12 hrs a day. Sadly the old days are gone and so is respect and sportsmanship and courtesy and fairplay.

Paul Morrison


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