Dipnetter questions numbers

Posted: Monday, September 06, 2010

In reference to commercial fisherman John McCombs letter to the editor (Clarion, Aug. 31), there are two glaring snafus with his numbers. First of all, Commercial fishermen take about 85 percent of the second run of sockeyes, not the 70 he proposes. The second glaring figure is his dipnetting numbers. The average yearly personal-use household permit numbers are about 23,000 households, of which about 10 to 15 percent are not used.He states 40,000 dipnetters went home with fish, which is false.

How many commercial emergency openers were there this year? I believe it is about 35 if you only look at the targeting of red salmon.

I wonder now about all his other numbers?

The commercial take on red salmon was over 2.5 million fish this year. Dipnetting numbers are not yet tabulated. Just thought I would set some numbers straight. By the way, I am with the South Central Alaska Dipnetters Association, as Mr McCombs was or is a commercial fisher.

Ken Federico


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