Soldotna skate park didn't turn out as expected

Posted: Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A string of foul profanity floats to my slumbering ears, I open my eyes, and I glance out the window. Amongst an adolescent-loitered street, litter festers, and my young nephews play.

I remember when the window's spectacle was different. I remember when I could drive down my street without having to crawl at walking speed for some juvenile girl who has forgotten what the side of a road is. I can still recall what grass without Coke bottles, candy wrappers and cigarette packs looked like. I don't remember having to lock my doors, bikes and anything of value up with heavy chains when I was younger.

What has changed? "The Karen Street Recreation Area announces the opening of Soldotna's first official skate park."

I personally supported this initiative during high school. I made a substantial mistake. Never could I have known that it wouldn't be a recreational anything, but a roach trap for deviants. They pick on little kids, speed on the road, kick area pets, litter, steal, vandalize, loiter, etc.

And you know the really sad thing? I sat one warm sunny day reading a book and watched —all day. I'd say 95 percent of the people I saw head for that "park" had no bike, and had no skate board. All they had was a bad attitude and no gratitude.

What's my point? What isn't appreciated shouldn't be kept.

Amanda Cunningham, Soldotna

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