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Bird Homestead Golf Report

Posted: Friday, September 08, 2006

My friends, it has been my pleasure to spend this summer with you all. My season has come to an end and I am leaving the Bird Homestead Golf Course. I spent this summer getting to know such wonderful people and I thank you all for the memories. Thank you Elmer and Pat Bird for the opportunity to spend this summer with you, your family and your extended family. It was truly my pleasure.

Folks, this golf course is still open and playing beautifully! Bird Homestead Golf Course is located 11.8 miles down Funny River Road and geez, what a beautiful drive. Get yourself in the car and come on out. Need to call? It’s 260-GOLF.

We didn’t have a whole lot going on this week other than golf, but that’s kinda what we do.

We did have one heck of a turnout for Men’s Night. After last week, I had to give them all credit. My apologies for not giving out all the details for last week’s turnout, other than that they were just simply poured on!

The guys at the Clarion were being as patient with me as possible watching my deadline come and go, so I had to ship off my article ASAP. Jeff, I’m sorry I have not made it out to Kenai yet this year to meet you, but thank you for forgiving me for being late — um — on a regular basis!

The guys hit the links on a beautiful evening. What a sunset! Five groups of them all headed out in a great mood. We had newbies and oldies! Welcome back John Brewer. We so missed your company over the past several weeks. We did miss Dave Kimura, who had to work late and was unable to join the men, but he stopped by on his way home just to check on progress. Always a pleasure, Dave.

Dick Galloway, where have you been!? Paul Eskelin, you and Marilyn have been two of my favorite people all season. Well, I have a ton of favorite people, but am loving you up ‘cause you are so nice! We’ll leave Jeff Gillman out of it because he’s a bit too full of himself after winning team play last week. (Smile). I will include Doug Cather and Jackie Riech. Just simply beautiful people! OK, enough, enough.

Russ Thomas, so glad you finally convinced Tyson to join us on Men’s Night. Tyson, hope that new driver works well for you. Mike Gardner, I enjoyed meeting you late in the season, but a pleasure. Paul Zimmerman, you have one smooth drive Mr. The guys fear you, unless you are on their team! Marty, you just make me smile! Four-under, sure beats the “stubbed the putter” award, eh?

So, when it was all said and done, Paul Zimmerman, Cliff Vaught, Mike Gardner and James Musgrove (you were so late!) came in first at 5-under. Second place was taken by Marty Radvansky, Josy Peterson, Bob Sizemore and Paul Eskelin at 4-under. Mike Gardner took longest drive while our target shooter Cliff Vaught (winner on both last week) hit the green on No. 6 and gave “Big Al” Dettmer closest on No. 8. (Rhonda, it was wonderful working with you, bless you).

Gentlemen, I so thank you for allowing me to join you each Tuesday for the biggest Men’s Night on the Kenai. Larry and Dianne Hamilton, thank you for bringing me here to share the experience with you. Sissy and Robbie, every morning you brought a smile to my face and you made this course all that it is!

All you faithful readers, Denny and I have to close up shop and go visit the family. I thank you all for the fun and compliments. It was a big giant hoot! But it’s time for me to haul up my bag of clubs and leave you.

Trivia?? No, none of you got it right. Canada has more golfers per capita than any other country in the world. Go figure. One to go? What oil did Arnold Palmer endorse in commercials? (This is completely a Denny question). He has been fussing at me all summer to use this question. Penzoil.

May the Lord watch over you all, and I thank you for spending the summer with me and all of us here at Bird Homestead Golf Course. Keep an eye on the paper, the course is not closing, and I’m thinking they have a surprise for you all in the next couple weeks. Called GLOW BALL! All my best.

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