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Posted: Monday, September 09, 2002

How could Kenai River salmon plan remain so elusive all these years?

For 30 years, I have participated in Kenai River salmon management issues. The issues have remained relatively similar, the participants familiar, the recommendations consistent.

In hindsight, the countless hours of studying science and biology with professional people with letters like "MB" and "PhD" following their names seems to be terribly misguided.

Right here among us all along was a plan so simple and pure that I find it difficult to believe that nobody had proposed it yet. I am referring to the simple solution proposed by bed-and-breakfast owner Bill Wirin (Peninsula Clarion Aug. 30). How could everyone have been so irresponsible to craft the management of this great river on science and biology, when clearly economics should drive this task?

I have seen the light after reading this tower of wisdom and have prepared a formal plan to present to the Alaska Board of Fisheries at its March 2003 meeting. Giving credit where credit is due, I have named this bit of genius "The Wirin Plan" and it works like this:

In order to fish for salmon in the Kenai River one must possess a Kenai River Salmon Allotment (KRSA) card. This card will be similar to a "Get out of Jail Free" card and must be on your person at all times while fishing for salmon in the Kenai. Now, here is the best part, which will address Wirin's concerns head on. Distribution responsibility of these valuable cards will be meted out as follows:

30 percent -- Service stations;

30 percent -- Restaurants;

30 percent -- Fishing guides;

40 percent -- Bed and breakfasts;

Remainder to resident sport fishermen.

So, there it is, plain and simple, and not a one of us was smart enough to think of it until now. It has been further rumored that church attendance (and tithes), soared during the king salmon closures, so logically they will be asked to bolster the sagging revenues at the B & Bs.

Irv Carlisle

a.k.a. Joe Fisherman


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