In tight budget times, does Kenai really need new ambulance?

Posted: Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I lived in and around Kenai for several years. I was Badge No. 6 of the volunteer fire-ambulance department when Kenai was very small. We had an ambulance that we would have to stop and reconnect the tie-rod back together to move on.

Times have changed. We didn't have a budget that we could order a new ambulance, just because. I can see the department getting into financial difficulties as a department did a short time ago in the south 48. It was forced to sell its equipment or go bankrupt because it had a budget and not enough control.

Mr. Bookey's father did a lot to help get a great department there and would not like to see the Kenai department overextend its limits especially for a community that looks like it's dying and sounds like that it's not doing very well financially.

With maintained vehicles today 100,000 miles is not worn out; only time and wants require a new rig. If it was the only one there, then I may see it called for.

Thanks for chance to voice my opinion.

Norm McGahan

Spokane, Wash.

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