Gasoline price gouging by any name still smells the same

Posted: Friday, September 09, 2005

The reasons given for the dramatic rise in gasoline prices in the Lower 48 of short crude supplies and refinery problems are not true in Alaska. And crude oil prices peaked and have already started to fall.

There is no crude shortage in Alaska. Alaska crude is not shipped to the Gulf of Mexico. There are no refinery shutdowns. No shortage of refinery capacity. So why are Alaska gasoline prices soaring? Price gouging by Tesoro and its instate competitor!

The evidence is available to even the least bright of our local and state political office holders. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to do something about the gouging. They all owe their souls to the oil company stores. Heaven forbid they should ever bite the hands that feed them political contributions, even if it means selling out Alaskans.

What evidence do I have for nothing happening? I called in on a radio talk show to ask a mayor candidate that given none of the reasons for soaring Lower 48 prices were true here what he would do about it if elected mayor. He hemmed, hawed and tried to pass the buck to Governor Frank, whom we all know definitely will not do anything to upset oil companies.

Here is my cheer to record profits and soaring stock prices for Tesoro. Of course, all of you other local business people who will have reduced sales because people have to spend more of their income on gasoline and less with you, you can always talk to our tin eared political office holders. You can use the fertilizer on your gardens.

William Phillips


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