Olympic Preview: Daily Highlights

Posted: Monday, September 11, 2000


Wednesday, Sept. 13

Men's Soccer: USA vs. Czech Republic

The cauldron hasn't even been lit, and the guys in shorts already are just an Olympic opening act to the U.S. women's team.

Also Men's gymnastics: artistic training.


Thursday, Sept. 14

Women's Soccer: USA vs. Norway

O.K., let's begin the countdown to Brandi Chastain's celebratory striptease.

Also Men's soccer: Brazil vs. SUK


Friday, Sept. 15

Opening Ceremonies

Athletes marching in kangaroo hops? A continual chorus of G'day? Vegemite sandwiches all around? Let's see how many clichs of Aussie culture can be crammed into one over-produced night.


Saturday, Sept. 16

Women's Triathlon

The fastest swimmer could become the Games' first medal winner. The slow ones could become a shark buffet.

Also Men's soccer: USA vs. Cameroon

Swimming: Men's 4x100M freestyle relay, men's 400M freestyle, women's 4x100M freestyle relay, 400M individual medley finals.


Sunday, Sept. 17

Men's Basketball: USA vs. China

So, has anybody ever really dreamed of a team that includes Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Antonio McDyess?

Also Men's triathlon finals

Baseball: USA vs. Japan

Women's soccer: USA vs. China

Swimming: Men's 100M breaststroke, 400M individual medley, women's 100M butterfly, 400M freestyle finals.


Monday, Sept. 18

Ronald Regan Revival Day

The former President would be thrilled with all chances to beat down communists in Sydney today if he could only remember why he was mad at them in the first place.

Also Women's Basketball: USA vs. Cuba

Softball: USA vs. Cuba

Women's Water Polo: USA vs. Russia

Gymnastics: Men's team finals

Swimming: Men's 100M backstroke, 200M freestyle, women's 100M backstroke, 100M breaststroke finals.


Tuesday, Sept. 19

Gymnastics: Women's team finals

The winning team will be treated to an extravagant victory feast two carrots for dinner instead of one.

Also Men's Basketball: USA vs. Italy

Softball: USA vs. Japan

Baseball: USA vs. Netherlands

Men's Volleyball: USA vs. Russia

Men's Soccer: USA vs. Kuwait

Swimming: Men's 200M butterfly, 4x200M freestyle relay, women's 200M freestyle, 200M individual medley finals


Wednesday, Sept. 20

Baseball: USA vs. Korea

They're not playing this game in Williamsport, are they?

Also Women's Basketball: USA vs. Russia

Softball: USA vs. China

Women's Soccer: USA vs. Nigeria

Women's Basketball: USA vs. Korea

Gymnastics: Men's all-around finals

Swimming: Men's 100M freestyle, 200M breaststroke, women's 200M butterfly, 4x200M freestyle finals.


Thursday, Sept. 21

Softball: USA vs. Australia

Lisa Fernandez has been getting anonymous post cards ever since the AUS-shes were the only team to beat the U.S. in Atlanta. This is her chance for revenge and to collect all those C.O.D. charges.

Also Men's Basketball: USA vs. Lithuania

Gymnastics: Women's all-around finals.

DAY 10

Friday, Sept. 22

Weightlifting: Women's 75kg-plus class

The world's strongest artist, Cheryl Haworth, has designs on America's first weightlifting medal since 1984.

Also Men's Basketball: USA vs. New Zealand

Women's Basketball: USA vs. Australia

Baseball: USA vs. Italy

Swimming: Men's 100M butterfly, 500M butterfly, women's 200M backstroke, 800M freestyle.

DAY 11

Saturday, Sept. 23

Baseball: USA vs. Cuba

Just to be safe, somebody better make sure the Baltimore Orioles are nowhere near Sydney.

Also Men's Basketball: USA vs. New Zealand

Softball: USA vs. Italy

Men's Volleyball: USA vs. Korea

Men's Water Polo: USA vs. Croatia

Swimming: Men's 1,500M freestyle, 4x100M medley relay, women's 4x100 medley relay, 50M freestyle finals

Athletics: Men's 100M, javelin, women's 100M finals

Gold Medal Matches: Badminton, Women's Table Tennis, Women's Water Polo.

DAY 12

Sunday, Sept. 24

Women's Marathon

If an American runs 26.2 miles 14 time zones away from home, will she actually finish before she starts?

Also Women's Soccer: semifinals

Baseball: USA vs. Australia

Women's Basketball: USA vs. Poland

Men's Water Polo: USA vs. Yugoslavia

Women's Volleyball: USA vs. Brazil

Athletics: Men's hammer throw, high jump, women's triple jump finals.

DAY 13

Monday, Sept. 25

Athletics: Men's 400-meter run

Finally, it's time for Michael Johnson's quest. You know, to actually finish a race he starts.

Also Tennis: Women's singles semifinals

Softball: Semifinals and bronze-medal match

Men's Volleyball: USA vs. Italy

Athletics: Men's 10,000M, 110M hurdles, 400M, discus, triple jump, women's 400M, 5,000M, 800M, pole vault finals.

Gold Medal Matches: Women's Beach Volleyball, Men's Table Tennis.

DAY 14

Tuesday, Sept. 26

Beach Volleyball: Men's gold medal match

These guys have no shoes, but talk about service.

Also Softball: Gold medal match

Tennis: Men's singles semifinals

Baseball: Semifinals

Men's Soccer: Semifinals

Men's Water Polo: USA vs. Hungary

Gymnastics: Men's and women's gala

DAY 15

Wednesday, Sept. 27

Tennis: Women's singles finals

The final showdown for the year's best field well, the best that could be assembled without the use of appearance fees.

Also Baseball: Gold-medal match

Men's Water Polo: USA vs. Greece

Athletics: Men's 400M hurdles, 800M, women's 100M hurdles, 400M hurdles, discus finals.

DAY 16

Thursday, Sept. 28

Women's Soccer: Gold-medal match

If a U.S. team falls in Melbourne, will you even be able to hear a championship game in Sydney?

Also Tennis: Men's singles gold-medal match

Athletics: Men's 200M, long jump, women's shot put finals.

DAY 17

Friday, Sept. 29

Athletics: Women's long jump finals

With the second of her five events, this is where NBC's "miniseries'' coverage of Marion Jones hits a plot-development lull. Kind of like when Tony Soprano went to Italy this season.

Also Athletics: Men's 1,500M, steeplechase, pole vault, women's hammer throw finals.

DAY 18

Saturday, Sept. 30

Boxing: Gold-medal matches in six weight classes

It will be important that the U.S. team does well. The little American flag market could really use the boost.

Also Gold-medal matches: Women's Basketball, Men's Soccer, Women's Volleyball, Men's Handball, Women's Field Hockey.

Athletics: Men's 4x100M relay, 4x400 relay, 5,000, women's 10,000M, 1,500M, 4x100M, 4x400M, high jump, javelin finals.

DAY 19

Sunday, Oct. 1

Closing Ceremonies

At this point, if we never hear that infernal Men at Work song again, it will be too soon.

Also Men's Marathon

Gold-medal matches: Men's Basketball, Men's Volleyball, Men's Water Polo, Women's Handball, six weight classes in Boxing.

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