Bush in no position to demand anything of other countries

Posted: Thursday, September 11, 2003

Concerning Hal Spence's opinion piece in the Sept. 7 Peninsula Clarion: Mr. Spence very rightly draws parallels between the present American occupation of Iraq and our involvement in Vietnam more than a quarter century ago. That mistake accomplished nothing except to kill or wound many thousands of Americans, and many more thousands of Vietnamese, and cost the American treasury billions that could have been better spent on other things. While history doesn't repeat itself in exactly the same way, it would appear to me that we are heading in exactly the same direction in this case.

I was with Mr. Spence right up to his statement, "we should demand that other nations send troops to begin replacing Americans as soon as possible" (in Iraq).

Mr. Spence, having disdainfully ignored the concerns of most of the rest of the world prior to our invasion of Iraq, we are hardly in a position to demand such an action of them. Our president does not appear to have it in him to admit that we made a mistake in invading Iraq, which was not the source of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists.

The hubris of Presidents Johnson and Nixon (and, to some extent, Kennedy) caused tremendous damage to this country; it would appear to

me that we are well on the way to repeating that mistake. I hope I'm wrong, but that is certainly the way it appears to me.

Think about it!

Jerry Brookman


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