Reader: Police, troopers need driving lessons

Posted: Monday, September 11, 2006

The worst drivers on the Kenai Peninsula is the police and state troopers. I drive this road from Kenai to work at the hospital several times a week and at least once and some time more a police or a state trooper will be on the road and drive in the lane beside me and pull in to my blind spot. I have had these so called drivers driving in my blind spot for some times up to a mile or more through town. I choose to leave those people in the blind spot or I slow down to let them ahead of me to get them out of my blind spot.

So my question is why isn’t the State Troopers and Police trained to drive like a commercial driver is trained. I am commercial driver and aware of all my surroundings and all these police people do is get in to my blind spot. Think about the next (time) you drive check your blind and see who shows up in (it).

Barbara Esteban


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