Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2001

''We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.''

-- President George W. Bush

''We have been attacked like we haven't since Pearl Harbor.''

-- Adm. Robert J. Natter, the commander of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet at Norfolk Naval Station

''While some federal buildings have been evacuated for security reasons and to protect our workers, your federal government continues to function effectively.''

White House Counselor Karen Hughes

''Make no mistake about it, your armed forces are ready.''

--Gen. Henry H. Shelton, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

''This is a level of sophistication that is beyond what any intelligence outfit thought was possible. The level of sophistication and level of presence here in the United States suggests activities that go way beyond what the FBI was aware of.''

-- Sandy Berger, Clinton's national security adviser

n ''The economy has been on a high-wire act straddling between a recession and anemic growth. Now the terrorists have cut the wire underneath our feet. The United States and the rest of the world are likely to experience a full-blown recession now.''

-- Sung Won Sohn, chief economist at Wells Fargo in Minneapolis

''We are asking all of our customers to maintain their normal buying habits. We have ample supplies. We're trying to avoid an artificial shortage.''

-- Exxon Mobil spokesman Tom Cirigliano

''September 11th will be a terrible day of tragedy, another day of infamy. ... Everybody feels today more vulnerable than they did yesterday.''

-- Gov. Tony Knowles

''I can assure you that the perpetrators of these murders will be rooted out and brought to justice. Terrorism is a reality of modern life and we must be vigilant in our efforts to eliminate these murderers.''

-- Sen. Frank Murkowski, R-Alaska

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