Letters to the Editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Now is time for nation to unite, rise above terrorist attacks

Dear Fellow Americans,

This morning our country suffered a tremendous blow. We were attacked in a vicious way that has left our nation feeling vulnerable and scared. We were hit not only physically, but emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. These terrorists have struck us where it would hurt the most -- in the heart of America's financial kingdom.

But where they hit us, isn't what matters; what matters is that they hit us at all. I've been listening to the radio and watching the news and it is so sad to see all of these people, these military intelligence, congressmen and other leaders trying to take the blame, saying they just didn't see it coming, and then there are others pointing fingers and trying to lay blame at someone else's feet, and that doesn't matter either.

The fact is, no one is really at fault here, at least, not on our side. They're right when they say they just didn't see it coming. Who could have, really?

What matters, it that there has been an attempt to destroy our country, our home. Now is the time we, as Americans, need to band together, to unite, to support and encourage each other and our nation's leaders. We need to show everyone, including ourselves, that we can beat this, that we can rise above it and come out stronger in the end, and that we, the citizens of this great nation, can come together to fight to protect U.S.

God bless America,

Kellie E. Towell


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