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Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2002

If current practices continue, there will be few salmon to manage

It is absurd for river property owners or, for that matter, the state and local governments to put money in a bank restoration program for the Kenai River.

The same agencies, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the state Divison of Parks, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the state Department of Environmental Conservation condone the damage and market more destruction to the river as a resource.

The erosion with loss of soil on the bank in our area of the river is eliminating downstream spawning areas for all species of fish, plugging boating areas and filling the mouth of the river with silt and debris. Until there is serious limitation of the boating activities and sport fishing chase for the king salmon, bank restoration is not practical.

However, the current practice did produce one of the best Junes we have had on the river. The lack of return of the early run kings due to all of the above gave us a good quality of life for June.

Thus, I suggest that all the agencies continue to turn their heads to the unmitigated damage the river is suffering now.

Soon, there will be very little salmon to manage and the boats will be gone as well as many of the other forces that are accelerating the river damage.

Aaron H. Morse


Family finds it cheaper to drive to Anchorage, than to fly

Let's hope the city of Kenai holds to the guns and continues with its $20,000 study regarding air travel. It's unbelievable that Era charges $170 to travel to and from Kenai and Anchorage.

Company officials can say what they want regarding what their cost of doing business is.

If the $170 is a reasonable fare, then why do slope workers only pay $115? Maybe it's because Era is owned by an oil service company. Does that mean the rest of us are subsidizing these folks?

For my family and I, we no longer fly to Anchorage. We find it cheaper to drive and get a hotel, than to fly with Era.

Scott Charles


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