Kenai Veterinary Hospital gets major make over

Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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  Curt Wisnewski, DVM does a procedure in one of the remodeled procedure rooms at the Kenai Veterinary Clinic.

Richard McCartan, DVM, at his remodeled and expanded Kenai Veterinary Hospital.

For 29 years dog and cat lovers on the Kenai Peninsula have come to rely on Dr. Richard McCartan, DVM and his Kenai Veterinary Hospital for their pet’s emergency and medical care needs. This June McCartan and his associate Dr. Curt Wisnewski, DVM opened the newly remodeled and expanded Hospital with many new state of the art additions. “The new addition includes office space, a new handicapped accessible bathroom, another exam room, a new kennel room for cats only so the dogs and cats are kept in separate rooms, and a cremation room,” McCartan told the Dispatch.

McCartan graduated in 1977 from Iowa State University with his degree in veterinary medicine and opened his first clinic in Kenai in 1978. McCartan says there has been much advancement since he first started his practice, “Lots of things have changed, we do a lot better job of managing pain then we use to. When I first graduated we did essentially none and it wasn’t even talked about it when I was in veterinary school and now it’s a big issue and we are doing a good job of managing pain with our patients. There have also been advances in the equipment we have available today then what we had to work with thirty years ago,” said McCartan. While animals aren’t able to verbalize their pain McCartan says they do vocalize when in pain and through their body posture let you know when they are experiencing pain.


Curt Wisnewski, DVM does a procedure in one of the remodeled procedure rooms at the Kenai Veterinary Clinic.

The remodeled veterinary hospital also includes new lift exam and procedure tables that avoids the veterinarian having to lift the animal, which can avoid pain for the animal, “And a lot of dogs just don’t like being lifted, they prefer just getting on the table and going for a ride like they would in the truck,” said McCartan. McCartan feels that there has been an increase in the cat population on the Peninsula, “When I first came here my practice was predominantly dogs and while it’s not 50-50 yet dogs and cats, there are definitely more cats than there use to be,” he said. Neutering animals remains an issue on the Peninsula according to McCartan, “We do have a lot of people bringing in their pets for spaying, but it’s always an issue.” Located at 10976 on the Spur Highway in Kenai the Kenai Veterinary Hospital provides full medical services for dogs and cats as well as a complete line of Hill’s Science Diet dog and cat foods, treats, and specialized cat litter. They are open Monday Friday 8:00am 5:30pm and Saturday by appointment. For more information or an appointment call Janet Taylor, or Pam Wood, veterinarian technicians at 283-4148.

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