Reader: We need Gov. Palin back here

Posted: Friday, September 12, 2008

I'll say it first before anyone else gets around to it. Sarah Palin is walking into a trap! Sarah Palin is known as an honest politician (they are very rare, as we know). She has rooted out corruption and stood against crony-ism and special interests in Alaska. She is very vocal and outspoken when it comes to exposing wrongdoing, and she cannot be bought or persuaded to go against her exemplary character.

That is, until she gets to Washington!

No one can be sure what she will do or how she will react when she sees the inside of the "machine" and how it's greased with money, ambition, influence and power. Sarah is a genuine sweetheart, but it's anyone's guess what will happen when she starts to see how the federal government really works.

Ambitious and wicked men run Washington's regime. The way to stay well and get ahead is to "go along." Remember that the vice president is the boss of the director of the NSA, and if elected, Sarah Palin will learn of things that will pressure her to "play ball."

Now a woman like Hillary Clinton knows how the system works and is actually part of the machine herself. She is callous, excessively ambitious and unprincipled. Exactly the credentials needed to be a vice president. Hillary is a seasoned criminal without a conscience. Sarah Palin is total opposite of Hillary Clinton. And that's what worries me.

If elected, Palin is going to see and hear things that are going to test her integrity as never before. Frankly, I see one of three things happening within the first year if she becomes VP.

1. She may be assimilated into the hive and become a quiet worker-bee in the dirty business of Washington politics. If she does this, she will deny herself and self-destroy her personal character. Unlikely, but possible. So far, she hasn't shown a willingness to sacrifice her principles and integrity on the altar of ambition. Or,

2. Instead of exposing the corruption of the federal government, she will resign and quietly return to Alaska. If she does this, she will retain her integrity and we here will understand. We will welcome her back with open arms and she will become this state's greatest governor ever. By resigning, she will lose her Washington, D.C., career, but in doing so she may gain something far greater. Or,

3. She will stand up against the corruption, dishonesty and wickedness and threaten to fight it and to expose it. If she does this, she will most certainly meet with an accident. I worry about her safety.

True, she has executive experience, but Alaska sure isn't Washington, D.C. I pray that she gets smart and gets out of Washington, D.C., before something bad happens to her. We need her back here. We don't want to see her destroyed or sacrificed by falling into the stinking, slimy, rotten gears of the machine.

Norman Olson


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