Parents need to be vigilant for children's safety

Posted: Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Please be aware and very cautious of your child's bus drivers ability and background. It may take following the bus a few times and inquiring about any concerns.

I'm aware of several instances in our local community where safety violations have been overlooked or handled improperly. I have personally witnessed speeding on snow and ice, improper use of blinkers and cars stacked up 12 deep on dry pavement. Please report any infractions to law enforcement and the agency!

It's a sad day in Sterling when an employee's job is threatened if parents or police are notified of severe concerns. Where's justice? Parents, dig deep and demand to see all documentations of concerns. These are definitely the days when teachers and care givers are best investigated by parents.

Don't trust any agency to do you justice or you may pay with your child's life. Police records for background checks are available online and at the courthouse.

Velvet Heffner


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