Requirement for parents attendance leaves bad taste

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Well, school has begun anew and with that the school has informed the students again that part of their grade depends on parental participation. (Sept. 7) the Kenai Middle School had an open house of sorts and my child informed me that we “had” to attend as it would count toward his grade. When did mandatory parental participation become the norm?

When I was a child it was a biyearly occurrence that we had a parent-teacher conference and if there were any issues that needed to be dealt with, there was another meeting scheduled. There was no mandatory anything, notes went home and to school in the event of issues and important events. School events such as choir presentations and other concerts are not supposed to be a mandatory obligation.

In my school years there was a desire to see the participation and things were more laid-back. Today with two parent incomes and single parent homes the norm going to these functions while desirable sometimes becomes more of an unwanted chore. And the threat of a diminished grade places more emphasis on the student to learn that threats are more important than doing something for the sheer joy of doing it.

Threatening students and parents to make these “appointments” seems to me to be little more than an exertion of force and with the events going on in today’s world, the emphasis on force should be reduced anywhere it can be.

These mandatory functions leave a bad taste in my mouth and I look forward to the days when all my kids are out of school.

Dave Briscoe


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