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Kenai Golf Report

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Finally the rain has stopped long enough to get in a few rounds of golf.It is about time!My better half and I enjoyed a leisurely round on Saturday afternoon and just about had the place to ourselves.Following the round we enjoyed a nice chat with Andy Anderson in the Pro Shop and I have to advise you all to watch out for him, he’s a heck of a salesman.

I was whining about my inability to hit my woods off the grass (not that I can hit them any better off the tee!) and Andy advised me to try a utility wood.Now, Dave and I have been discussing that possibility for quite some time, and it just so happens there were a couple of ladies models in the Pro Shop. Andy promised to make me quite a deal, but I was still not convinced.We were going to put our clubs away and Andy walked outside with us.He grabbed his favorite rescue club out of his bag, handed it to me with a range ball and told me to try it.I tossed the ball out on the tee box on #10, up by the blue tees, swung the club a couple of times to get a feel for it, and then addressed the ball.I swung the club, heard that “ting” (and felt, as David Feherty puts it, “the ringing in your loins”) and saw with amazement my ball hit the hill and bounce up on the green less than 10’ from the pin. Andy dang near had to wrestle his club out of my hands as I crooned to it.So now there’s a new 26-degree rescue club nestled safely in my bag.I may never hit a club that well again, but it is shots like that that have us all coming back for more public humiliation and spending more money on golf clubs!

If you have not been out to the Kenai Golf Course lately, don’t waste any more time, you have got to get out there and play.It is in absolutely amazing condition and has not been at all crowded. I am in total denial of this bit of information, but I do need to remind everyone that the course will most likely close around the end of the month and anyone with equipment stored on site should make sure they get it picked up before things get locked down, otherwise you won’t see those clubs (or whatever) until next year.Please contact the Pro Shop at 283-7500 for more information.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who stepped up this year and chaired KGA events/tournaments — Gary Katsion for the Kenai Cup, Rich Edwards for the KGA-BRGA Dual Tournament, and Dwight Kramer for the Donnie Morgan Memorial.I also want to thank Dana Bassel for his outstanding efforts for the past two years as the President of the KGA.Thanks, guys, for taking the time to do so much for all of us with so little recognition or appreciation.

I have had a blast this year and look forward to having just as much fun next season. Thanks to everyone in the Pro Shop — Carol Morgan, Andy Anderson, Ron Goecke and Gordon Griffin — for all their notes, input, and eavesdropping to provide me with “fodder” for the column.Thanks, as well, to all the people who volunteered stories for “A birdie told me.” For every story that I could use in the column, there were more that I could not, if you know what I mean!We do have fun on the course and in the Pro Shop.While this is the last column for the season, the course will still be open through the end of the month so for heaven’s sake, don’t miss any more golfing opportunities.

I also want to thank Gordon Griffin, Barry Jackman, Bill Burtram, Charlie Waguespack, and all of the hardworking folks at the Kenai Golf Course.You have all done a fantastic job making our home course look its best.I know I speak for everyone when I say that we really appreciate the hard work, early days, and late nights that have gone into taking care of the course.Thanks, too, to Ken Liedes and his staff at the Snack Bar. Gordon, thank you for all the effort you have put into making the course a much more female-friendly place. And last but not least, I must thank the people who made this all possible — thank you, Dick and Shirley Morgan, once again, for seeing the need for a golf course in our community and having the vision to make it a reality.Thanks, everyone, for another great year.

The Kenai Cup has seen another season come to pass with the conclusion of play Sept. 6.The 2006 Kenai Cup Champions are Noel Widmayer and Tom Allison.Lyle Winter & Rick Winter took Second Place and the R&R team of Rich Edwards and Randy Kornfield defeated the B&B team of Bill Burtram and Andy Anderson for Third Place.Congratulations to all these great competitors.

Thirteen of the remaining Kenai Cup players participated in a tournament to celebrate the end of the season.Four teams played a “shamble” format in which the best drive was used on each hole with the individual players finishing the hole playing their own ball.The best three nine hole scores were combined for the team total, with the lowest total score winning.The first place team of Dana Bassel, Cliff Baker, Rick Winter and Dave Ramsey scored it over the second place team of Tommy Carver, Lyle Winter, and Gary Katsion.In third place was Bruce Galloway, Jerry Norris and Barry Jackman, with the team of Jack Evans, Noel Widmayer and Rich Martin in fourth.

The ladies met for a round of golf on Sept. 7.Trena Richardson had the fewest putts, Denise Cox took the closest to the pin honors on hole 5, while Judy Salo came in with low gross and Nora Satathite won the mystery hole.

The guys followed up with Men’s’ Night that evening with an alternate tee format, playing from the red, white, and blue tees.The long drive, closest to the line, was won by Richard Martin.The longest putt made on hole 7 was won by Steve Payment.Closest to the pin on hole 5 was won by Cliff Vaught, while Steve Payment took the honors on hole 9.The team of Steve Payment, Bob Tepp and Richard Martin took first place.

Tomorrow night, Sept. 14, is the final Men’s Night and will be Big Thursday, so don’t miss this last get together for the season.

The final KGA Members Only Tournament of the season was held on Sept. 10.Other than the brief squall (and I am not talking about any club throwing fits either!), the weather was a really welcome change from the rain, rain, and more rain we have been tolerating.

About 40 KGA members showed up to enjoy the day and the company. Men’s low gross was won by Doug Jung and women’s low gross should come as no surprise as having been won by Rachelle Brehm.Low net winners were Bill Burtram in the first flight and Sid Cox in the second flight.

In the women’s flight, low net was won by Kamichia Spisak.

The Kenai Golf Association’s annual meeting followed the tournament.The meeting was held in the Pro Shop with about 40 people in attendance.The election results were announced for three new directors — Tommy Carver, Todd Eskelin, and Rich Edwards were welcomed to the board.

Outgoing directors, Don Moock and Noel Widmayer, were thanked for their participation and contributions for the last three years.The board also wishes to thank those members who came to the meeting and participated in the discussions of the issues that were raised.

In the course of getting sidetracked by some rather heated discussion, we forgot to announce the winners of the 2006 Most Improved Golfer Awards.Congratulations go out to Tommy Carver for the men and Laura Sherwood for the Ladies. Congratulations, Tommy and Laura. Your checks are in the mail (just kidding!).

I want to encourage more KGA members to get involved in the Association.I have heard a lot of comments, criticism, and complaints; and I still maintain that the best way to affect change is from within.Please contact any member of the Board of Directors if you have a question, concern, or complaint that you wish to have voiced — it’s what we are here for.Remember, too, that every year we elect three new members to the Board of Directors for three year terms.We are always looking for interested members to run for these positions.

Since I have taken a break from my not-so-hectic schedule at work this week, I had better get busy.I have a bunch of plants that need to be relocated and some housework that must get done, but more important than either of those is that new rescue club that is just begging to be used.

See you on the course!

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