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Posted: Friday, September 14, 2001

Oklahoma City bombing relived in wake of Tuesday's events

While sitting at my kitchen table Tuesday morning listening to the news, I decided to write out my emotions as I usually do. This was the result and I wanted to share it:

So many people in pain. For a cause, they call it, these people are slain. The innocent lives that were taken away will never be justified by decisions today. My heart inside wails for the lost lives of so many husbands, sisters, brothers and wives. Our freedoms been attacked I hear them say on TV, but stripped from the victims, as far as I see, was their right to live life without danger or fear, and the attacks become more devastating each year. I am proud I was born to American soil, and I believe that through all of this pain and turmoil our nation will again come together today to protect this great country and for the lost souls we'll pray.

When I saw the news Tuesday morning, I almost fell to my knees. You see, my family and I just moved here from Oklahoma City and know all too well the pain of the aftermath. People for months, walking like zombies, do their everyday tasks, but the light in your eyes is dimmed.

Then, there is this hole in the middle of the city that is unavoidable. It stands as a constant reminder of the pain and heartache that so many people are going through.

Around the Alfred P. Murrah Building was a chain link fence that was covered in teddy bears, rattles, ribbons, pictures of victims and awards they earned while alive, and pictures of so many lost babies.

I would sit and cry every visit to the memorial as I looked at all the empty seats that were placed there to symbolize each victim. There's not enough room for the seats of the lost this time. I feel their pain, and my heart goes out to them. New York City and the victims and families will be in my prayers each night.

Rebecca Corlis, Sterling

Consolation, condemnation for Tuesday's terrorist acts

In consolation to those who have suffered and those who will suffer as a result of this horrific tragedy:

May their names be never forgotten.

There are not enough tears to express the grief that we all feel.

In condemnation of those responsible:

May their names be erased from existence. May they suffer an eternity and beyond of torment; alone in the Universe --unheard, unfelt, unseen -- spirits wandering without rest, without relief, without recourse.

May our revenge and retribution be swift and without mercy.

Elaine Hall, Clam Gulch

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