Dersham appointment a blow to commercial fishing

Posted: Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Now Board of Fish member Ed Dersham, a sportfishing guide, has been hired by the Department of Fish and Game to be the coordinator of the committee for the revitalization of commercial fishing. Yes, the same Ed Dersham, who, in the last eight years did more to destroy commercial fishing in Cook Inlet than all the previous boards put together.

Under Ed, we lost the commercial fishing priority for July and August, lost most Inlet wide openings for drifters, lost the fall silvers for four years, lost the pink season (Ed is known as “Wanton Waste Ed), and lost many other fishing opportunities. We gained windows, mandatory closures, a runaway dipnet fishery and many other negative gains.

What will Ed dream up now to “help” us? (This is like putting the Sierra Club in charge of developing ANWR). His kind of help we don’t need. We don’t need co-ops. We don’t need two permits on one boat. We don’t need any other kind of fishing restructuring.

We need biological management. We need sound escapement goals, not the over-escapement we’ve had. We need more domestic marketing. We also need a court decision that directs the Board of Fish to stop damaging our ability to make a living.

Steve Vanek


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