Hospital good just the way it is

Posted: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I was just released from the Central Peninsula Hospital today, Sept 9, 2010, after a fall I took from a ladder that broke seven ribs and caused bleeding from my right kidney and liver along with a few other bumps, scrapes, and bruises. This accident happened on Sept 4, 2010. Thanks to all for your prayers, concern, visits, and phone calls to cheer me up and check on me, as well as cover my wife with an umbrella of concern and care.

I also want to thank the doctor and nursing staff at the CPH for their excellent care for my healing and well-being. Thank you to all of the ambulance crew and emergency room personnel first off. (I'm sorry; I don't remember your names) Secondly my doctors, PTs and RNs in ICU who watched over me for five days, including Dr. Harris, Dr. King, Dr.

McDonagh, Jess, Marcy, Lynn, Lisa, Mary, Jennifer, and Joe. If I forgot anyone, please forgive me. You were all so kind as well as being professional in your work. I was truly blessed.

Next, if anyone ever tells you they had to survive on hospital food, take that as a compliment to the chef. The cook's meals and server's work were above and beyond the call of duty. The food was excellent. Last, but not least, the housekeeping crew was excellent and courteous also.

Now I'd like to say something about today's newspaper front page article "We're Done" about the "Assembly Rejects Hospital Partnership with LHP." Thank God! If we considered becoming a partner with an Outside for-profit firm, would I have received such wonderful care? Would they need to cut costs by cutting help, paychecks, quality, etc, etc? Would

they have to lay off some of our local staff and hire outside help who would work for less pay to pad the pockets of a big-dollar organization?

I'd think again before electing the same four assembly officials, whom we have now, who voted to consider this move. Thank you to the five assembly members who chose not to go that route and keep what we have, a non profit hospital that puts the local people and local community first. For-Profit seems to me to also be: "Bottom Line, It's all about money." I understand that we need to be able to afford what we have. Nothing is free. My vote is to keep what we currently have. It seems to work very well and puts the patient first.

Bill Lowe, Sterling

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