U.S. needs to return to Constitution

Posted: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This letter is in response to the letter written by Mike Beck on Sept. 6 about the Constitution of this great country. First of all, Mr. Beck, your letter was one of the more educated and intelligent letters I have read in this paper in a long time and you hit it right on the money.

As I read the letter Mr. Mathews wrote on Sept. 1 I found it hard to believe how he or anyone else could ever want to change the Constitution to fit the so-called needs of today. Maybe Mr. Mathews would like to scrap the whole Bill of Rights. It is just an old piece of paper which I personally love and live my life by. It became apparent to me that Mr. Mathews is probably a liberal who has a problem with the Tea Party movement, which, in my opinion, is nothing more than working people wanting to somewhat get back to what our founding fathers had intended with the Constitution and get away from this socialism that both political parties have brought on. Especially our current administration in Washington.

And last, I ask one question that I love to ask people. What are the three branches of government that make this great democracy? It is sad how many people cannot answer that question. And Mr. Beck, you hit it right on the money when you finished your letter stating America was then and still is the greatest country on earth. God bless America!

John Lesterson, Kasilof

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