Nikiski Community Center would echo spirit of area

Posted: Wednesday, September 15, 2004

As a peninsula resident with many ties to Nikiski, I strongly recommend that North Peninsula Recreation Service Area acquire the use of Nikiski Elementary School in order to expand its services in a Nikiski Community Center located in that facility. Propositions 3 and 4 will severely limit the service area's ability to provide current and future services.

The main reason my family chose to live in Nikiski when we moved to the peninsula in 1986 was because we believed that an area that would tax itself to build an outstanding swimming pool was the type of community-spirited place we wanted to raise our children. Other events reinforced our belief: The community lobbied long and hard for the opening of Nikiski Middle-Senior High School; we covered our ice hockey rink; we built a senior center; we improved our pool, trails, sports fields and recreation center; we insisted on a highway maintenance station; we keep Captain Cook State Recreation Area open; and we started a Community Council, among other accomplishments.

Being able to come together for meetings, games, dances, education, plays, events, dinners, tournaments and talk is the backbone of this community. The residents have proven time again that a small increase in taxes is worth the benefits. Nikiski Elementary School is a community bargain that we should not pass on.

Vote no on Proposition 3 and Proposition 4. Let's preserve the unique, caring and active Nikiski community. Three cheers for the Nikiski Community Center!

Ann E. Kendall, Nikiski

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