Poor neighbors could be poor business owners

Posted: Wednesday, September 15, 2004

For the past four years, my family has enjoyed watching the various wildlife around our home, but that has all changed since the shooting started next door.

After four days of constant shooting, I walked about 100 yards from my home on Eagle Avenue in Nikiski and found a gun range operated by Front Sight, a firearms training school. When I expressed my concern that members of my family worked nights and were having a hard time sleeping due to the noise, I was treated with contempt. I asked about the bullets that had gone over my house while my children were playing outside, and I was rudely brushed off. I feel a company that treats its neighbors with contempt or with little concern, may also have little concern for safety.

In the Clarion article on Sept. 1, Mr. Ackman claims that Front Sight wants to be a good neighbor. If that is true, then why were we not notified that a gun range was going to be established in the neighborhood? He also claims that while standing in his house he could not hear shots that were fired 200 yards away. Mr. Ackman, you should try this test without your ear protection! With my windows and doors shut, the shots rattle my windows! Friends over a mile away have complained about the noise. How many Alaskans, after spending the winter with the windows and doors shut, want to keep them shut all summer?

If Front Sight wants to be a good neighbor, let them build several buildings to house the gun ranges in. Considering some clients pay up to $400,000 for their services, they can certainly afford it.

I agree with the Second Amendment, and I agree that people should be trained in gun safety, just not in a populated area!

What will it take for the borough or state to get involved? A death of a child.

A few questions: What type of person needs to be trained on an UZI? Does the Front Sight company do background checks on all of their clients? Could Front Sight be training the next Al Qaida or other terrorist right in our community?

Think about it!

Camille Taylor, Nikiski

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