Homelessness among teens is reality of Kenai Peninsula

Posted: Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I have been a foster parent for the Division of Juvenile Justice for more than three years. All of my boys would want to bring home a boy who had no home. This was usually caused by problems at home with parents who drank or did drugs. This is widespread on the peninsula and needs a lot of attention by us, as it is getting worse.

A lot of these kids are looked at as punks or troublemakers. These are kids who have never had a chance and have never had anyone really care about them, except school teachers and police, and there is just so much that they can do. Take a look at New York City: They have children that roam the streets at 8 years old and up, doing anything they can to survive. What's to say that our kids here will not do the same thing?

I get so tired of the old saying, "Out of sight, out of mind." Will people wake up, as it could be your son or daughter out there on the streets tomorrow? If they are, they are subject to all the hell this world can provide: drugs, alcohol, AIDS and all kinds of STDs. He or she may not be your kid out there, but one ounce of kindness can and does make a world of difference. They just want to know that someone cares.

God made us all equal and, as adults, we are to take care of the youth.

Please think about it and then act.

Patrick Clinton, Soldotna

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