4-H'ers earn recognition at state fair

Posted: Monday, September 16, 2002

Area 4-H participants won the following awards at the 2002 Kenai Peninsula State Fair in Ninilchik last month:

Kara Bethune -- horse education display, blue ribbon; thank you note display, red ribbon; market lamb conformation, excellence; intermediate showmanship sheep, excellence, green, overall reserve champion; senior doe, blue; and intermediate showmanship rabbit, blue, reserve champion.

Tyler Bethune -- market lamp, blue; junior showmanship sheep, excellence; market lamb conformation, blue.

John Boatwright -- rosehip jam, clover bud ribbon.

Jessie Bowlin -- horse educational display, blue.

Walker Boyle -- astronomy educational display, blue; leather knife pouch, blue, excellence; light weight swine conformation, blue; junior showmanship swine, excellence; market hen turkey, blue, reserve champion, market reserve champion; swine educational display, blue; junior showmanship poultry, blue; and record book, red.

Tyne Buning -- rooster, red; intermediate showmanship poultry, red; mini rex buck, excellence; and intermediate showmanship rabbit, red.

Trenton Bunging -- intermediate showmanship poultry, red; and duckling, red.

Tatiana Butler, foods (filled cookies), blue, excellence, green; Alaska honey, blue; cucumbers, red; head lettuce, white; large cabbage, blue, excellence; savory cabbage, red; celery, red; kohlrabi, blue; sugar snap peas, blue; potatoes, red; acorn squash, blue; balanced display vegetables, white; red tomatoes, red; cherry tomatoes, red; cantaloupe, white; yellow tomatoes, white; strawberries, blue; zucchini, red; transgenetic pigs educational display, blue; records bok, red; fine arts acrylic "Portrait of the Wind," blue; acrylic "Beyond," blue; acrylic, "Illustra-tion," blue; clay "Violinist," blue, reserve champion; clay "Lady Hinde," blue; wood seal, blue; crafts, red; candle woman, red; jewelry dragonfly pins, blue; wood burning, blue; poetry "Auroral Dreams," blue, excellence; poetry "Famous Too Late," blue, excellence; mid-weight swine conformation, excellence, overall reserve champion; intermediate showmanship swine, excellence; pullets aruaconas, red; rouen ducks, red; golden laced wyandottes hens, blue; old English game hen, blue; white Japanese hen, blue; white silky rooster, blue; black rosecomb rooster, blue, grand champion poultry; market tom turkey, red; intermediate showmanship poultry, blue, champion; overall poultry showman, reserve champion; small stock showmanship, reserve champion; Coho story, blue, reserve grand champion, best of show; cavy satin, excellence, overall reserve champion; cavy showmanship, blue; cavy satin tricolor, excellence; cavy, overall reserve champion; and showmanship, overall reserve champion.

Brionna Campbell -- junior doe, 3- to 6-month, blue; satin fur, blue; rabbit showmanship, rabbit, blue; and intermediate, champion.

Mariah Campbell -- junior doe, 3- to 6-month, blue; and junior showmanship rabbit, blue.

Olympia Chambers, market turkey, blue, grand market bird; intermediate showmanship poultry, blue; hen turkey, blue; papermaking, blue; and papermaking educational display, blue.

Maya Chay -- hog educational display, blue; record book, blue; mid-weight swine conformation, blue; and junior showmanship, blue.

Jesse Chumley -- heavy weight swine conformation, red; and junior showmanship, blue.

Jacit Conright -- rabbit showmanship, red; and senior doe, excellence.

Kade Cooper -- poultry showmanship, clover bud ribbon.

Paris Cooper -- mid-weight swine conformation, excellence; junior showmanship swine, excellence; rabbit, excellence; and junior showmanship rabbit, blue.

Abigale Daniels -- horse educational display, blue; foods (chocolate chip cookies), blue; communication (4-H recruitment poster), blue; and record book, blue.

Caleb Daniels -- record book, blue; hog marketing educational display, blue, excellence; light weight swine conformation, excellence; and junior showmanship swine, blue.

Rebecca Dennis -- baby peafowl, blue; juvenile red barred pigeon, blue; entomology (Indian walking sticks poster), blue; embryology (hatching peafowl poster), blue; tiny tim tomato plant, red; sunflower, red; record book, blue; cavy Rhode Island red, blue; Rhode Island Red, red; silver laced wyandotte, blue; silver laced wyandotte, blue; Columbian wyandotte, blue; Columbian wyandotte, blue; junior showmanship poultry, blue; and cavy, blue.

Kaile Duncan -- sewing "Rail Fence" quilt, blue, excellence, champion.

Morgan Duwe -- heavy weight swine, excellence; showmanship hog, champion, excellence; and swine educational display, blue.

Holly Earl -- hog educational display, red; record book, red; mid-weight swine conformation, blue; senior showmanship swine, excellence; market lamb conformation, blue; market rabbits, red; senior showmanship rabbit, blue, reserve grand champion; and senior buck, excellence.

Shyan Ely -- market lamb, blue; intermediate showmanship lamb, blue; and market lamb conformation, blue.

Cameron Foister -- records book, blue, excellence; junior hog showmanship, blue; heavy weight swine conformation, excellence; turkey, red; and junior showmanship poultry, blue.

Darrel Foister Jr. -- records book, blue; market beef conformation, excellence, reserve champion; intermediate showmanship steer, excellence; and horn and antler educational display, blue.

Cody Foust -- poultry hen, blue; and intermediate showmanship poultry, blue.

Danna Foust -- feeder goat under 55 pounds, excellence; showmanship meat goat, excellence; junior doe kid, excellence; beginning dog obedience, blue; and conformation, excellence. P

Kade Foust -- showmanship, cloverbud ribbon; senior buck, cloverbud ribbon; intermediate buck, cloverbud ribbon; and junior doe, cloverbud ribbon.

Funky Farmers -- communications poster, club banner, blue

Troy Glidden -- swine educational display, blue; midweight swine conformation, red; and senior

showmanship swine, blue.

Tyler Glidden -- junior showmanship swine, excellence; and mid-weight swine conformation, blue.

Elisabeth Habermann -- personal growth, blue; mushing scrapbook, blue, champion; poultry meat pen, blue; mature ewe, excellence; market lamb conformation, champion, excellence; 4-H wool sheep, excellence; ram, excellence; wool market lamb, excellence, champion; senior showmanship, excellence, champion, overall reserve; sheep, excellence; senior showmanship poultry, blue, champion; overall poultry showmanship, champion; and small stock showmanship, reserve champion.

Matthew Habermann, -- personal growth leadership display, blue; poultry conformation, blue; and senior showmanship poultry, blue.

Scott Habermann -- rabbit display, cloverbud ribbon; junior doe, cloverbud ribbon; and showmanship, cloverbud ribbon.

Amber Hall -- record book, blue; crafts (apron), blue, excellence, champion; sewing (bonnet_, blue; market rabbits, excellence, grand champion; and intermediate showmanship rabbit, white.

Kayleen Hansen -- horse colors educational display, cloverbud ribbon.

Megan Hansen -- horse educational display, blue

Jordan Holmes -- records book, blue; senior buck, blue; and intermediate showmanship rabbit, blue.

Chance Hoxie -- rabbit display, blue; showmanship rabbit, blue; and market rabbit, excellence.

Look for more 4-H fair results on next week's Community page.

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