Golf Report: Birch Ridge Golf Course wins the Bird & Birch Combined Tournament title

Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2010

The fog has been thick but it has not deterred the golfers from getting out to play. Some have commented it has been a bit difficult to see their shots, but play goes on.

* Along with the moose, the grouse have been hanging out around the course. Looking for a ball recently, five feet away the grouse were pecking around the spruce tree, without a care about the people wandering around.

* The B&B Tournament had an absolutely beautiful day on Sunday. Fifteen teams showed up to play and show their support for the two local golf courses. Both Birch Ridge and Bird Homestead golf courses are in great shape and this is a wonderful tournament. Thank you to the individuals at both courses who arranged a fabulous golf tournament and terrific food.

Congratulations to Birch Ridge Golf Course on capturing the trophy!! It took us two years but we were able to put it all together and come up with a winning formula. Birch Ridge teams were able to capture first (Beau Forrest/Anthony Borromeo/Cody Booth/Mike Booth), second (Tom Walsh/Steve Horn/Val Ischi/Lisa Parker), fourth (Ardie Crawford/Chick Kishbaugh/Scott Sundberg/Jessica Sundberg) and two teams (George Stein/Sue Stein/Charlie Weimer/Lore Weimer and Mike Rose/Mick Reeve/Ray Hamby/Dee Richards) tied for fifth place while the Bird Homestead team of Roy Bird/Pat Bird/Justin Bird/Amanda Bird placed third. This year's mystery team was from Bird Homestead Golf Course - Bruce Barton/Trevor Hordemon/Dotty Hackett/Dan Hackett.

Besides the shamble/waltz/scramble tournament format, there were also long drive and closest to the pin competitions at each course. At the Bird Homestead Golf Course, Tom Walsh had long drive for the men with Leona Jackson putting her tee shot out of reach for the rest of us women. Steve Horn picked up the closest to the pin on No. 6 for the men at Bird Homestead while the women chose to donate the money back to the golf associations. Meanwhile at Birch Ridge Golf Course, Beau Forrest had a stunning long drive for the men while Amanda Bird captured the women's long drive. Rita Geller put her tee shot on the green, winning closest to the pin on No. 6 and Pedro McCall snuggled his tee shot in close for the men on No. 8.

* Al Marenelli recorded the first hole-in-one of the year on July 5. Playing 131 yards, Al used a Vantage 6-iron to get his hole-in-one on No. 6. What a way to end the Fourth of July weekend!! Congratulations Al and may there be many more to follow!

* Sept. 8 was a memorable day for Tom Walsh. He made the 140-yard shot on No. 6, using a Callaway 8-iron, Tom hit a Wells Fargo Titleist golf ball that sailed through the air, hit the green and hopped twice, ending up in the hole! Congratulations Tom on you first hole-in-one at Birch Ridge Golf Course.

* The Cold Weather Classic is Saturday, Sept. 25 with tee off around 11 a.m., weather permitting. Last year, 26 couples played in this scotch doubles format. In this format, the men and women each tee off then pick the best drive. After the drive is selected, you hit alternate shots/putts until your ball drops in the hole. Prizes will be awarded to both gross and net division winners. Contact the pro shop to get signed up for this wonderful year-end event and enjoy the Swedish Candles!

* Senior League -- On a calm, sunny Monday, 14 seniors were taken to the cleaners by the 15th player, Sid Cox. Sid shot a 38 gross for a net 30 to win. Aiding Sid was taking the closest to honors on both holes Nos. 6 and 8. Tom Boedeker had the long putt on No. 9. Sid's tee shot on No. 6 was seven inches short of the hole. Nice shot Sid! Next week will be the end of season feed after the seniors play, and the starting time is 10 a.m. Play will continue until weather stops play for the season.

* Tuesday Morning Ladies League had seven ladies show up to play a shamble game on a foggy, foggy morning. The team of Chiya Bazan/Louise Schadle/Beth Roseberry/Diane Mersch showed the others the way to shamble in the fog. The ladies say good-bye to two snowbirds and look forward to seeing you next summer - Beth Roseberry and Diane Mersch. Next week the ladies will begin at 11 a.m.

* Tuesday Night Couples were impacted by the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, losing a few couples that normally turn out to play to its meeting. The five couples that came out played a two-person Chapman. In this format, both players tee off, and then they switch balls. Player A plays Player B's drive, and vice-versa. Each player hits his or her second shot. They then select the better of the second shots, and from that point until the ball drops in the hole they play only one ball, alternating their shots. Showing their skill around the course with this format were Janet and Marv St. Clair. Sally and Steve Tachick were just one stroke back. Couples will continue to play until weather and daylight permit.

For a bit of history, this format is named after Dick Chapman, an amateur golfer who played The Masters 17 consecutive years. He "invented" the game at Pinehurst Resort. Besides the Chapman, it is also known as the Pinehurst.

* Alaska Golf Trivia -- What is the coldest golf course in the United States? North Star Golf Club in Fairbanks.

* A very big thank you to Erin Bell, of Big Spring Golf Course, for providing us with "tips of the week" this summer. Comments from fellow golfers said they found the tips to be helpful. If you are competing in the Cold Weather Classic, you will have the opportunity to get additional tips from Erin, as she will be partnered with Nick Horn.

* This Week's Events (Check in at least 15 minutes prior to the time shown below): Monday - 10 a.m. - Senior League; Tuesday - 11 a.m. - Tuesday Morning Ladies; Tuesday's - 5:30 p.m. - Couple's Night

* Upcoming Events: Saturday, Sept. 25: Cold Weather Classic - Couples Scotch Twosome

Birch Ridge Golf Course can be reached by calling 262-5270 or visit the web site at

B&B Tournament Team Results

Beau Forrest/Anthony Borromeo/Cody Booth/Mike Booth (Birch Ridge) - 88/86: 174

Tom Walsh/Steve Horn/Lisa Parker/Val Ischi (Birch Ridge) - 106/89: 195

Roy Bird/Pat Bird/Justin Bird/Amanda Bird (Bird) - 103/93: 196

Ardie Crawford/Chick Kishbaugh/Scott Sundberg/Jessica Sundberg (Birch Ridge) - 109/93 - 202

George Stein/Sue Stein/Charlie Weimer/Lore Weimer (Birch Ridge) - 104/99: 203

Mike Rose/Mick Reeve/Ray Hamby/Dee Richards (Birch Ridge) - 102/101: 203

Sally Hoagland/Paul Zimmerman/Rita Geller/Leona Jackson (Birch Ridge) - 109/96: 205

Greg Harrington/Dave Kimura/Marty Radvansky/Judi Artman (Bird) - 101/105: 206

Daryl Palmer/Larry Taylor/Frank Keener/Elaine Taylor (Bird) - 109/99: 208

Pat Bowen/Louise Schadle/Margaret Stanley/Pedro McCall (Birch Ridge) - 107/101 - 208

Darell Jelsma/Susan Jelsma/Tom Boedeker/Tanya Boedeker (Birch Ridge) - 106/103 - 209

Jeff Gillman/Chance Gillman/Rich Harmon (Bird) - 110/102: 212

Pat Cowan/Myrna Cowan/Eddie Sibolboro/Teresa Sibolboro (Birch Ridge) - 114/101: 215

Al Dettmer/Rhonda Dettmer/Jackie Risch/Mark Hordemann (Bird) - 111/112: 223

Bruce Barton/Trevor Hordemann/Dotty Hackett/Dan Hackett (Bird) - 126/105: 231

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