Birch Ridge Report: Frost: less yardwork, more golf

Posted: Thursday, September 18, 2003

You know those plants we spend oodles of dollars on to beautify our yards and decks, the ones we can hardly contain ourselves to plant, even if it's too early? The same ones we wish would hurry up and die already 'cause we're tired of taking care of them? No? That's just me?

Whatever, they're gone now; early morning frost has become my friend. In fact, our Monday we-refuse-to-give-up Seniors were waiting for their mommy note from Pat Cowan this last week so they could get out there and play nine. So now, you can forget the vegetation and come out and play golf. Around 10 a.m. or so is usually a good time have some coffee in the club house, let the sun melt the greens, give the bull moose time to get their dates rounded up.

That same number of seniors (10) played last week. Longest putt on hole nine was by Chuck Rider. (By the way, these long putts you've been awing over? This one was about 2 feet, about average.) Low net winner was Gary Effenbeck.

The Ladies 2003 Birch Ridge Cup winning team was Chiya Bazan and Jo Briscoe; second-place winners were Pat Bird and Rhonda Dettmer. That's it for the season. Chiya and Jo will be in charge next year, starting, hopefully, in May. If you can't play in a regularly scheduled time frame, you can sign up as a "sub." Think it over; spring will be here before you realize it.

Again, a reminder about this coming Sunday: A par 3 tournament will be hosted by the Cowans for all Birch Ridge Golf Course season ticket holders. The sign-up/RSVP deadline is TODAY, no later than 6 p.m. This is going to be a great celebration of 30 years for the golf course; I'll be there thwackin' away as usual but having a whole bunch of fun.

Sept. 27 is the Cold Weather Tournament, and I'm sure it will be. See you there if you don't forget to sign up.

Guess I'll head to the kitchen to check on my duck stew. Ah hah aren't you surprised. (OK, so it's a small bowl for one, but hey, I got turnips!)

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