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Posted: Sunday, September 18, 2005

Area rowers compete in Wasilla

The Alaska Midnight Sun Rowing Association of the central peninsula and Homer competed in the 2005 Moose Nugget Miler Sept. 10 in Wasilla against the Kenai Crewsers Rowing Club out of Seward and the Anchorage Rowing Association.

"We had a great day," said Vickie Tinker, the president of the Midnight Sun club. "It was cold and rainy, but we rowed really hard."

Over 80 competitors attended the one-mile, head-to-head competition. Age handicaps were used to determine the winners in each race. The Midnight Sun club came away with victories in the Women's 8 With Coxswain, the Women's Quad and the Men's Single Scull.

Tinker said the event was competitive, but friendly. In several events, the clubs combined to put together teams.

"This is the first time all three teams have gotten gold medals," Tinker said. "It was pretty evenly divided."

This ends the season for most of the Midnight Sun rowers. A group of women from Midnight Sun will go to compete at the Head of the Charles in Boston on Oct. 22 and 23. Tinker said that race is the most prestigious in the United States.

Midnight Sun coach Khaled Sanad, whose resume includes coaching with the U.S. national team as well as serving as head coach for the Egyptian national team for last year's Olympic Games, will pick the team to go to Boston. Sanad is back in New York now.

"I think this is the best year we have ever had," Tinker said. "We learned more than we ever have. It was such a wonderful opportunity to get an Olympic-class coach coaching us. We progressed so much."

2005 Moose Nugget Miler

Sept. 10

in Wasilla

Times listed are handicapped for age, raw times are in parentheses

Men's 4 with coxswain — 1. Anchorage Rowing Association, 4 minutes, 53 seconds (4:53); 2. Alaska Midnight Sun Rowing Association and Kenai Crewsers Rowing Club composite, 5:05.9 (5:23).

Women's 8 with coxswain — 1. AMSRA, 4:51.5 (5:06.2); 2. ARA, 5:06.89 (5:06.89); 3. KCRC, 5:12.5 (5:19.1); 4. ARA 5:33.2 (5:41.6).

Men's Quad Scull — 1. ARA/AMSRA, 5:00.3 (5:00.3).

Men's Novice Quad Scull — 1. ARA, 5:51.0 (5:51.0).

Mixed 4 with coxswain — 1. ARA, 5:36.05 (5:38.33); 2. KCRC 5:52.53 (5:52.13).

Women's under-50 single scull — 1. ARA - Hall, 6:28.3 (6:28.3); 2. ARA - Samuelson, 7:20.65 (7:21.55).

Women's over-50 single scull — 1. AMSRA - Mary K, 6:59.29 (6:59.29); 2. AMSRA - Judy D, 7:38.6 (8:20.40).

Novice Women's 8 with coxswain — 1. KCRC, 6:08.7 (6:18.1); 2. ARA/AMSRA composite, 6:38.12 (6:38.12).

Men's double sculls — 1. ARA 5:49.91 (5:49.91); 2. AMSRA, 5:56.11 (6:41.00).

Men's 4 with coxswain — 1. ARA, 6:51.27 (6:51.27); 2. ARA, 6:59.1 (7:08.4).

Women's quad — 1. AMSRA, 5:40.1 (6:09.6); 2. ARA, 6:05.57 (6:05.57).

Rec single scull — 1. KCRC, 7:50.63 (7:50.63); 2. ARA, 8:01.38 (8:14.78).

Men's single scull — 1. AMSRA - Demers, 6:11.03 (7:03.07); 2. ARA - Brokaw, 6:29.9 (6:29.9).

Women's 4 with coxswain — 1. ARA, 6:15.8 (6:15.8); 2. KCRC, 6:32.4 (6:33.2); 3. AMSRA, 6:33.5 (6:44.43).

Women's double sculls — 1. ARA, 6:20.13 (6:20.13); 2. AMSRA, 6:31.7 (6:34.9).

Women's pair — 1. KCRC, 6:57.3 (7:01.9); 2. ARA, 7:58.2 (7:58.2).

Novice women's 4 with coxswain — 1. KCRC, 6:07.5 (6:20.86); 2. AMSRA, 6:40.22 (6:40.22); 3. ARA, 7:44.8 (7:50.39).

Novice women's single scull — 1. ARA - Samuelson, 7:38.0 (7:38.0); 2. ARA - Tiedeman, 8:19.0 (8:19.0).

Mixed 8 — 1. ARA, 5:46.6 (5:50.64); 2. KCRC/AMSRA, 5:54.2 (6:02.7); 3. ARA, 6:09.64 (6:09.64).

AWG Team Alaska seeking coaches, athletes

Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska announced the re-opening of the coach selection process for the sport of indoor soccer for the 2006 Arctic Winter Games. Coaches selected will lead the Alaska teams in this sport as part of Alaska's 377-person delegation to the 2006 Arctic Winter Games, scheduled for March 5 through March 11, 2006, in the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Applications for those interested in becoming soccer coaches for Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska are available now on the Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska Web site at Coaches will be selected in accordance with the general guidelines of the Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska Coach Selection Procedures, which are available at the same Web site.

Coaching applications should be submitted by mail to AWG Team Alaska, P.O. Box 83325, Fairbanks, AK 99708-3325, or by e-mail to, or by fax to (907) 474-2073. Applications submitted by mail must be postmarked by Sept. 30. E-mailed or faxed applications must be received by Sept. 30.

Two coaches and six athletes also are being selected for ski biathlon for the 2006 Arctic Winter Games. At the Games, Biathletes will compete in two individual events and a relay.

Selection for the ski biathlon team will be on a regional basis, with one male and one female each being selected from three regions: Western Alaska, Alaska north of the Alaska Range, and Alaska south of the Alaska Range. The Western Alaska candidates will be selected based upon the 2005 WISA biathlon championships. The other candidates will be selected based upon results in two competitions within their respective regions held through January 2006. The team will be announced by Jan. 25, 2006.

Individuals who are interested in coaching the ski biathlon team at the 2006 Games must fill out and submit coaching applications. The application deadline for coaches is Dec. 1. Coaches will be announced on Dec. 15. Ski biathlon sport coordinator Tom Helmers can be reached at or at (907) 479-8779.

Selection procedures for volleyball also have been announced. Alaska's volleyball teams will be comprised of 10 males and 10 females, born in 1986 and after. They will compete in a round-robin tournament, followed by a medals round.

Athletes interested in participating must submit an athlete application to sport coordinator and girls' coach Liz Hooe by Nov. 15. Applications are available on the Web at Applications must be accompanied by a copy of the candidate's birth certificate, two contactable references, a recommendation from a coach who has coached the applicant, and a tape or DVD if the Team Alaska coach is unable to see you play in person.

Individuals interested in coaching must submit coaching applications to the sport coordinator or to the Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska office postmarked by Sept. 30.

Selections will be made by the coaches and sport coordinator on a subjective basis, considering playing experience in six-person indoor competition, coach's recommendations, references, and the sport coordinator's and/or coach's subjective evaluation of tape, DVD, or live performance. The team will be announced by Dec. 5.

For more information on the Arctic Winter Games, browse the Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska Web site at

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