POW-MIA Day: Sept. 19, 2003

Posted: Friday, September 19, 2003

Though we may not have a thorough understanding of the suffering and psychological stress endured by our nation's missing in action and prisoners of war, we need to recognize today Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action Day.

It is a day for paying tribute to and praying for those individuals of our military and government, who through their heroic efforts in defending the United States of America, its freedom and values were captured by the enemies of our way of life.

Some were exposed to inhuman treatment while others disappeared from the rolls of existence.

Many families dating back to Revolu-tionary War times still hold memories and pictures of ancestors and loved ones they know who were victims of war campaigns and never returned. Families of those generations hold sorrow and some uncertainty as to the destiny of their heroes.

Today, with our generation, hope lives on for the return of our nation's present-day heroes who have yet to come home or be accounted for.

How smart military personnel may be is no guarantee he will not endure the hardship of enemy capture. Life in enemy confinement is an existence by survival, and the factor of escape is foremost in a prisoners' thoughts.

Awareness of reality and retaining hope of being freed from captivity is surmounted by strength of faith in God and country, a man who now knows told me.

Some prisoners of war have shown unbelievable strength and faith in God and country. After coming home and recovering from their ordeal, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty and prepared themselves to serve our country in a government capacity.

Let us always keep hope alive for those who have not returned to our midst for they have shown us that with unending courage and faith in God, country and family, miracles take place. Today let's say thanks and hope for our heroes who have not yet returned.

Herb Stettler is the service officer for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 10046 in Soldotna.

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