“9-11 Generation” invites 1st Responders to lunch at Redoubt

Posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2006


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  Judy Cox's 2nd grade class created a mural at Redoubt Elementary for September 11th.

Local 1st responders enjoy lunch at Redoubt Elementary on September 11th

On the fifth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, there were enough emergency response vehicles at Redoubt Elementary School that a passerby might have had cause for concern. However, as the “9-11 Generation” started to school this fall the students and faculty at Redoubt Elementary thought September 11th would be an appropriate day to invite our first responders to lunch, “We were talking one day about what we could do to show our appreciation to all our emergency response professionals and military veterans, so we thought inviting them to lunch would be a way of letting them know that we appreciate what they do and stand ready to do for us on a daily basis,” said Sharon Hale, Library aid at Redoubt Elementary. Most of the students at Redoubt today were so young five years ago that the memory of the 9-11 attacks are not very vivid, “We have emergency responders at the school for presentations very often so all our students have learned to appreciate our first responders and the job they dedicate themselves to do for us,” added Hale.


Judy Cox's 2nd grade class created a mural at Redoubt Elementary for September 11th.

Soldotna Police Chief John Lucking was one of the forty some emergency professionals that came to lunch at Redoubt, “We were honored to be asked to lunch here in the middle of what is a somber day for us as we walk through our normal day, it’s great to come in and see the cheerful faces of people who appreciate you. 9-11 has impacted every soul in the country and for first responders I think we take things differently now, more seriously, and I try not to take things for granted and be grateful for each day. Since 9-11 we carry that with us each day,” said Chief Lucking. Lucking added that he feels public safety careers are still appealing to young people, “There’s a lot of fortitude in the young people of America and because of 9-11 they’ll consider careers in public service and safety as we have for generations.”

As the men and women that dedicate their lives to serving our community walked into Redoubt for lunch they were greeted by a star spangled red, white, and blue wall mural that read, “We love our country,” created by Judy Cox’s second grade class. “These children were very, very young five years ago and don’t remember much of that day, but I think that it’s important to take time periodically throughout the year to talk about the flag, patriotism, and the freedoms we have in our country and this seemed like a perfect day to do that, so I handed out red, white, and blue construction paper and let them create their own flags and what you see was totally student inspired,” said Ms. Cox. Trinity said she thinks the stars are the prettiest part of the flag, and her classmate Jazzie added, “The flag means that our country is a very great place to live in.”

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