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Posted: Thursday, September 20, 2001

Terrorists are today's Hitlers

For whom does the bell toll?

Hemingway asked this question during his coverage of the Spanish Civil War. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" was the most famous book to come out of that war. It turned out that his question served as a prelude to the death and destruction of World War II, which resulted in uniting the entire free world against fascism.

Many American's died in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, but it was not because of fascism. The reason for these murders was because Islamic extremists believe that America must get out of the Middle East.

An American Middle East presence and support for Israel is offensive to these extremists because they believe that persons who do not "believe" as they "believe" must be either expelled or murdered. They believe there is no more important duty than pushing the American enemy out of " their " holy land the Arab Peninsula.

Osama Bin Ladin has made an open declaration of war against all Americans. Bin Ladin's vision of the future is one which " expels the infidels." This is bin Ladin's first priority in life. With this kind of life priority one cannot be surprised when suicidal aircraft crash into American or Israeli buildings.

Hitler went to war with the free world before the free world finally went to war with him. Unfortunately, the same has happened here; Islamic extremists have gone to war with America before America begrudgingly went to war with them. Islamic extremists are still fighting a 4,000- to 6000-year-old war with their Jewish half-brothers.

The Islamic and Jewish religions are the results of this family conflict. These two religions theologically oppose each other in every way imaginable. Islamic extremists like bin Ladin theologically oppose the Jewish state, and since America supports that state, they feel that they must also oppose America.

Islamic extremists like bin Ladin, in reality, have a problem with America's religion. These Islamic extremists true mission is to change both Israel's and America's religion to Islam.

The reason for the New York and Washington suicide-murders is quite simple, they are the direct results of Islamic extremists long-term goal to "require" the entire world to change their religion to Islam. This kind of a goal is as hollow as Hitler's desire to see the Third Reich control the entire planet. It took an angry America many years to crush Hitler and his buddies; it may take many years to do the same to bin Ladin and his buddies. This was the call to our parents' generation and is now the call to our generation. It is painfully obvious that there is no limit to the machine which seems to create Hitlers or bin Ladins. It is also painfully obvious that our generation is now also called upon to pay the price of blood to retain its freedom.

I believe that Hemingway's 1937 question is again being asked today. Instead of concerning fascism the question is directed toward terrorism. Again the question serves as a prelude to death and destruction as the entire free world now unites against terrorism.

"Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind;

"And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;

"It tolls for thee." -- John Donne

Many may believe that the bell has tolled for America, but in reality it is still tolling. Sleep well, my enemy, the bell tolls for thee.

Don Johnson


Assembly candidate gets endorsement

The upcoming Kenai Peninsula Borough elections are providing some very clear choices about who will help set the direction for the peninsula and what that direction will be.

It is inappropriate for me, who does not live on the peninsula, to presume to advise Kenai Peninsula residents on how to vote, but I have known Mike Tauriainen for 35 years and believe that he is an extraordinary individual. Mike is very bright, honest, and committed to a better Alaska. Mike has deep roots in the area, a strong moral compass, a core level commitment to defending the constitutional values that our nation and state are built on, and to protecting family values.

It would be very surprising to me if any candidate for the borough assembly can match Mike's commitment to responsible economic development, minimal effective and efficient government, low taxes, excellent schools, and protection of first and second amendment rights.

The peninsula is fortunate to have people of Mike's caliber, who are willing to serve. I wish we did.

Fred Dyson

Eagle River

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