Misinformation taints future of recreation service area

Posted: Monday, September 20, 2004

For the past year, I have attended 90 percent of the North Peninsula Recreation Service Area's board meetings. I know that much of the information being distributed by some individuals is not correct and is very misleading. Why would anyone want to purposely mislead or misinform the residents of the North Peninsula Recreation Service Area?

You can check facts by asking for copies of the NPRSA board minutes or taking time to talk with board members and-or the recreation director. Have you taken the time to ask the important questions to those responsible for the decisions made during the last year?

Here's what I know, having attended many meetings:

1. Our taxes are not going to increase due to changes in programming or the addition of a community center. Our taxes could go up if the borough increases the assessed value, but the service area board of directors have no control over the assessing department.

2. The project cost for the community center has not exceeded the current limit of $1.5 million, and the current board of directors has no plans to proceed with any projects past the fire suppression system installation.

3. The service area board of directors is just as concerned about the economy as we are. A community center would not cost as much to operate as a swimming pool if the assessed value were to decrease. Options for a tight budget are always welcome.

4. NPRSA board members Paul Lorenzo, Peter Mysing, Patti Floyd and Beth Jones have spent countless hours in meetings and committee meetings to insure the successful operation of the North Peninsula Recreation Service Area and protect taxpayers' interests.

I know that maintaining a positive attitude and planning for the future creates a healthy community. This can happen without a tax increase and without burdening the taxpayer with a large debt to be maintained.

It won't happen if the same people continue to misinform and mislead the residents of the North Peninsula Recreation Service Area. There is credibility and a history to be looked at. The record speaks for itself. Over the past 11 years, programs, facilities and a bond debt have been paid for without a tax increase.

Vote no on Proposition 3 and vote no on proposition 4. Save our recreation service area from being dismantled by people not committed to a positive community.

Vote for Paul Lorenzo and Peter Mysing to protect our recreation service area.

Don Jones, Nikiski

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