Borough not listening; leave senior exemption alone

Posted: Thursday, September 20, 2007

If you have a caretaker and are unable to read this message, please have someone read it to you.

As I grow older, my mind has been opening old doors I had forgotten about. Throughout this process I realized that as a child I reacted with fear to the school bullies. I stayed away from the pushy people who were in their own minds better than all the others. Now as a senior citizen I see these same people have become political leaders in our state and borough communities with their same pushy attitudes. The same ol' bullies viewing the senior citizens on the Kenai Peninsula as weak and easy prey.

Guess what? They're right. Good honorable people like you have reacted with hope to their empty promises. Giving up hope is not the answer. Please let them know you are not too old or sick or scared to stand up for yourselves. This is what the dishonorable ones feed on.

The borough assembly has voted three different times to leave the Senior Exemption alone. Now they have voted to put a measure on the ballot for the public to vote on a Senior Exemption cap.

The bullies are not listening to the vote of our assembly. Now they leave it in the hands of the public to do their dirty work. They are wrongly marketing a senior cap saying the seniors are riding on the backs of the other tax-paying homeowners.

Here is the real question for all voters, young and old throughout our borough: By voting to put a cap on the seniors, how much money will it save you on your property taxes? The answer is zero.

Your taxes are based on the assessment of your home and property. This is where we need to have a cap.

If there was a cap on how much the borough assessors could increase their assessment on "our homes" we would all be better off. Most people try to live within their budget. How can we budget for the taxes on our home when we don't know how much our assessment will be increased from year to year?

When you go to the polls to vote on this issue, please use wisdom, honor and integrity before you mark your ballot.

I'm voting the same way our borough assembly voted three times: leave the senior exemption alone.

Please vote, and never be afraid to say what you feel. No seniors left behind.

Wayne Debnam


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