Public needs to be better served: Vote 'Yes' on 2

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, September 21, 2007

I've heard that opponents of term limits fear loss of expertise. After all, incumbents have invested years learning the system. Shouldn't we keep them working?

Maybe that is part of the problem. Professional politicians who cooperate with the entrenched staff and other special interest groups that come a-begging will never cut budgets. They tend to become bigger spenders and stronger supporters of the status quo the longer they serve.

When you no longer ask questions because you already have all the answers, the meetings might be shorter, but the public is not better served. We need people who will think creatively. We need people who are fresh enough to know when something else smells.

Ex-assembly members and ex-school board members are not removed from office and executed. They are still free to make public comments as private citizens. Surely the sitting members would welcome their historical perceptions. If they really miss the gig, they are free to run once again as a challenger after taking a three-year vacation. No one is trying to keep good statesmen from public service.

Term limits are a win-win situation. Vote "Yes" on term limits for the Kenai Peninsula Borough school board and the assembly this Oct. 2.

Bruce Denison


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