CAA write-in for Murkowski

Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alaskans love a fighter, And Lisa Murkowski's love for the state, and for the people of Alaska, was palpable as she delivered her decision to fight for her Senate seat, and to introduce the extreme right to, as she put it, a Republican woman who WON'T quit on Alaska.

Sara Palin's bunch would do well to remember that, if the extreme right had its way, Palin, any woman, would not be a factor in American politics, at all. The extreme right will eventually get the same message that voters are giving to the extreme left right now: that the American people do not want to put up with extremes, from either party. People want leaders who will do what the American people believe is truly best for America. Alaskans, regardless of political affiliation, want strength, fairness, and common sense in government. Lisa Murkowski represents Alaskans of all backgrounds. She does not want to leave us to flounder with inexperienced representation. She does not want to see Alaska give up the seniority in the Senate that we depend on.

The Lower 48 believes that it is impossible to win an election as a write-in. I suppose in the land of hanging chads and tentative punch-card punchers, actually writing down what you want is a bit of a stretch. Fortunately, Alaskans are used to doing things differently. And if we want to keep our Senator, we have only to join together and write in the name of Lisa Murkowski.

Dianne MacLean, Soldotna

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