Vote for principle, not political party

Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama promised change. I've been waiting. The Republican and Democrat parties have promised change. But, all I see is business as usual. The Washington, D.C., bureaucrats have destroyed the country and have dashed all hope of positive change. I confess that I've been a prisoner of hope. Nothing is getting better in spite of my hope that it will. I'm tired of their talk.

I no longer want to be a prisoner of hope, but rather a free person in the realm of reality. Better to face what is really happening than to be deluded by an illusive hope that never comes.

I'm voting for Bill Walker. I'll write in his name even if he doesn't run as a write-in candidate.

Better to live in the dangerous world of reality than the delusive and illusive world of hope that never comes.

I'm voting for the principles and ideals of an individual rather than the promises of a party. I would urge others to vote principles rather than parties.

You too have hoped things would change. They haven't, and they never will. Don't be a prisoner of hope any longer. Free yourselves from the rhetoric that only promises.

Be a real person and vote for principles and ideals. Forget the parties. They've never performed, never delivered and never will.

Norm Olson, Nikiski

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