A good boss and a good man

Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mr. Mysing only had three secretaries the entire time he had his private practice. His first secretary stayed with him for 12 years, his second secretary stayed with him for five years and I think I would have probably stayed until he retired. I think that record alone says something about what type of an employer he was.

Although Mr. Mysing and I occasionally had our differences, we developed a very good working relationship over the years. He was slow to anger and also slow to praise, as was I. He once called me "sanguine" and, I admit, I had to look it up later. Luckily it turned out to be a good thing. However, the fact that he was slow to offer appreciation for a job well done just made it all the more meaningful when he did.

Although he did offer appreciation more than twice in nine years, two of those occasions particularly stand out in my mind and I wish to share them with this community that has suffered his loss in so many ways.

The first was when I had been working for him for about two years. We were dealing with some very contentious cases and emotions were running quite high among the clients involved in those cases. On Administrative Assistant Day (Secretary Day for us old school folk) Mr. Mysing bought me a lovely arrangement of flowers. On the little card he wrote, "Hope, thank you for your grace under pressure. Pete." I still have that little card to this day although the writing has faded to nearly unreadable.

The second occasion was just a few years ago. Mr. Mysing and my political views were at opposite ends of the polls and it made for lively conversation at times. One day we were discussing someone in the political scene, I cannot remember whom, when I told him that I had come to realize that truly smart people, no matter their political or career leanings, were smart enough to surround themselves with truly smart people. He was on his way out the door for the day and he turned and gave that famous grin and said, "That's why I hired you," and out the door he went.

I truly admired Mr. Mysing's knowledge of the law, his ability to practice it in an exemplary manner, his steel trap of a mind and his sense fairness and humor. I gained an incredible amount of knowledge during the years I was with him and I will always be grateful.

You will be missed Pete.

Helen H. Hunt (Hope), CLS; for Peter F. Mysing, Attorney at Law

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