By the time you'vefigured out the transportation, it's time to leave.

Posted: Friday, September 22, 2000

Ga day, Luv,

I know I've been at the Olympics or Pan American Games too long when I've figured out the transportation system. That's why I was worried when with a week to go I thought I knew my way around Sydney.

That was before I spent 51/2 hours riding buses today, with another hour staring me in the face when I go home to my cozy media village chalet. When I get there I'll be happy as larry (overjoyed). Overall the transportation has been good, but some of these media blokes, or journos, get nacked (annoyed) when a bus doesn't show up, which happens from time to time.

On the other hand, some of the drivers will take advice from the passengers on where to go. The buses hook up with a train system that is extremely efficient and covers a wide area of Sydney. If you can just get to a train you know you'll be OK. Many of the stations even have television monitors that show when the next train is due and what stops it makes.

Today I think they changed all the bus routes because I've seen parts of Sydney I've never seen before, and I think on one route the driver was seeing it for the first time, too. It's like every night the security guards go out and rearrange all the barriers to see if anyone can find their way through town.

But the biggest problem was the fair dinkum (genuine) mess they had as 400,000 people descended on Sydney Olympic Park. Bye jingos, the system looked Jaked (broken). But they did keep everyone moving. Besides transportation the buses serve a very useful purpose: it's where I get most of my sleep.



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