Parents' responsibilities extend beyond property limits

Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2005

Parents, do you realize you are responsible when your child injures another person with their skateboard? Your home owners insurance will be billed for the injuries sustained whether on your property or, say, a grocery store.

I was hurt by a skateboarder Sept. 2 at a grocery store. Because police were not able to find this particular boy, no charges were filed. I am liable for my own medical bills, even though I was hurt on the store's property.

It is still the parents who will be held liable for any incurred bills I have. But they are free because these disobedient kids were in an area within eight feet of the "No skateboarding" sign near the entrance of the store and leaving before the police could apprehend them.

Because I have no health insurance, I was unable to be taken to the hospital in the ambulance that came to my aid. So now the pain continues, going untreated.

Trish Thomson, Kenai

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