Does lack of city sidewalks violate law?

Posted: Friday, September 22, 2006

A front page story in the Peninsula Clarion on Sept. 12 addressed the new plan by the city fathers (and mothers) to make “the central city more pedestrian friendly.”

While the city council is in its warm and fuzzy mood, why not plan for a sidewalk in front of the public safety building? That is the only police and fire department, or for that matter the only public building of any type, that I am aware of in all of Southcentral Alaska, that a pedestrian cannot access without either walking on the grass or jay-walking.

Does that not violate some state or federal law for access to public buildings? Perhaps Willow between Main and Fidalgo is not part of the “central city.” Perhaps the police chief and the fire chief really do not want “walk-in” traffic.

Hopefully, we won’t erect another clock before we finish the sidewalks, if “pedestrian friendly” is really the goal.

Phil Nash

North Kenai

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