Write-in gives voters a reasonable option

Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On the issue of Republican closed primaries, I agree with Debbie Brown, as she spoke on "Sound Off" today, that maybe the people are tired of politics as usual. I joined the Republican Party a few years ago because I could not agree with a lot of the issues in the Democratic platform, i.e. abortion, too much welfare for people that refused to work because they could get more money from the government by not working, taxing the middle class to support the welfare programs, gun regulations, etc. The Republican platform followed my way of thinking a lot closer.

The issue Debbie and I agree on is the Republican closed primaries. It's time to have open primaries. In the U.S. Constitution, the 17th amendment established direct election of U.S. Senators by popular vote (not by closed primaries). Joe Miller says he is a person that follows the Constitution, so I don't understand why he and especially Dan Fagan (radio talk show) oppose Sen. Lisa Murkowski giving all the people a chance to vote for whomever they want in the general election. "Yes Joe, you are right, Lisa Murkowski has always voted for what is best for Alaska and not just following party politics." She is doing the right thing for the state of Alaska by launching a write- in-campaign.

Yes, the public voters will have the last say, but at least she has given them a reasonable choice! I'm filling in the oval and writing-in Lisa Murkowski.

Grace Merkes, Sterling

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