Monday, September 24, 2001

Quake shakes Atka
PALMER (AP) -- An earthquake Friday afternoon shook the community of Atka in the western Aleutian Islands, according to the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center. No damage or injuries were reported in the village.

Fishermen, firefighters combine for New York relief effort
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Cordova fishermen are teaming with the Anchorage Fire Department for an Alaska-style fund-raiser to benefit New York City firefighters: a salmon sale.

Eight deer carcasses left near Juneau highway
JUNEAU (AP) -- A hunter selected the best cuts from eight deer last week, then left the rest to rot alongside Glacier Highway.

Seldovia tries to attract new industry
SOLDOTNA (AP) -- Seldovia and the Seldovia Village Tribe are splitting millions of dollars in an effort to attract new industry to this historic seaport.

Private prison campaign heats up on Kenai Peninsula
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- As the Oct. 2 election approaches, campaigns are nearing full boil in the debate over a borough-funded private prison on the Kenai Peninsula.

State unemployment rate unchanged at 5 percent
JUNEAU (AP) -- Alaska's August unemployment rate remained steady at 5 percent from the previous month, the state labor department said.

Kodiak launch delayed a day
KODIAK (AP) -- Blustery weather delayed a planned missile launch Friday, but officials at the Kodiak Launch Complex said the forecast looked good for Saturday.

Airline passenger arrested after bomb joke
JUNEAU (AP) -- An Alaska Airlines passenger was arrested Monday after allegedly joking his lost luggage contained a bomb, Juneau Police said.

Beluga whale takes detour up Yukon, Koyukuk rivers
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A wayward beluga swam more than 400 miles up the Yukon River from Norton Sound, made a sharp turn north at the Koyukuk River and was spotted Friday afternoon about 145 miles upstream heading for Allakaket.

Grant will continue rural exchange program
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The Alaska Humanities Forum is getting a $1 million grant to extend an urban-rural exchange program.

Former halfway house employee sentenced for coercion
JUNEAU (AP) -- A former employee at a corrections halfway house was sentenced Thursday to four months in prison for coercing an inmate after the woman threatened to speak of a sexual relationship between them.

Anchorage considers establishing dog parks
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A group of dedicated dog owners is proposing that dog parks be established for Anchorage's estimated 50,000 canine citizens.

High court rules against assisted-suicide case
JUNEAU -- Alaska's constitutional rights to privacy and liberty do not offer protection for physicians who participate in assisted suicide, the state Supreme Court ruled Friday.

Divers lasso sea lions for study
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- As populations of the endangered Steller sea lions crashed throughout the Gulf of Alaska and the Aleutian Chain, biologists began worrying about low survival among juveniles.

Orthodox academy turns gift skiff into fishing operation
KODIAK (AP) -- When St. Innocents Academy found itself in possession of a salmon jitney and skiff, a donation from a local fisherman, the course of action was amazingly clear for a group of people with not a single commercial fisherman among them -- they would go fishing.

Connecticut man pleads no contest to hunting violation
KENAI (AP) -- A Connecticut man pleaded no contest to charges he took an antlered moose without being in possession of a nonresident hunting license near Trading Bay.

Second twin sentenced in flight disruption
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Twin Michigan sisters sentenced for disrupting an international flight that was diverted to Anchorage were denied a ride home Thursday night by two airlines.

Sara Machentanz dies at 83
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Sara Machetanz, wife of renowned Alaska artist Fred Machetanz, has died at age 83.

Cruise ships promote onshore shops -- for a price
SKAGWAY (AP) -- When cruise ship passenger Evonne Yfantis attended an on-board lecture listing ''recommended'' shops in Skagway, she had no idea the shops had paid for the exposure.

Kodiak launch postponed until Tuesday
KODIAK (AP) -- The launch of a rocket from Kodiak was delayed again Monday -- this time because of a solar flare.

Alaska senators quietly say ANWR drilling chances better after attack
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Alaska's senators are not bringing up the subject, but when asked, they say that prospects for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge improved after hijacked jets crashed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Sept. 20, 2001 Alaska Newspapers Inc. put the Sept. 11 attacks and subsistence in perspective
The attack on the World Trade Center a week ago was thousands of miles and several time zones away from Alaska, but it couldn't have hit closer to home.

Agency pledges six years of support for UAF lab
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A federal agency has promised $24 million over the next six years to run an Arctic energy research laboratory at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Sept. 23, 2001 . . . and The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner offers its solution
At this point it is fruitless to consider what could have been done differently to prevent the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackings of four commercial airliners and the resulting deaths of thousands of Americans.

Longtime Cordova grocer will close store doors
CORDOVA -- After a long fight to stay alive, a Cordova institution is going out of business.

Sept. 20, 2001 The Voice of the Times says America has rediscovered its national spirit
America has rediscovered its old values. Prayer and patriotism suddenly have been found again as essential ingredients to freedom and liberty.

Alaska Airlines set to get $100 million in federal aid
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Alaska Airlines and its sister carrier, Horizon, are in line to get about $100 million, under a federal aid package for airlines approved by Congress Friday.

Sept. 19, 2001 The Anchorage Daily News finds U.S. airport security insecure . . .
It may be awhile before the country learns exactly how its airport security system failed on Tuesday, Sept. 11, but already one thing is clear. The system failed so thoroughly and drastically that the necessary repairs cannot be achieved with simple tinkering.

Ethics panel says Mulder used ''poor judgment'' in pushing bill
JUNEAU -- State Rep. Eldon Mulder used ''poor judgment'' in pushing a bill to benefit the cruise ship industry at a time when his wife was employed by its lobbyist, but he did not violate ethics codes, a state panel concluded.

Kodiak launch rescheduled for Monday
KODIAK (AP) -- The launch of a Lockheed Martin rocket from the Kodiak Rocket Launch Complex has been rescheduled for Monday, officials said Sunday.

Anchorage man stabbed with butcher knife
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- An Anchorage man suffered a ruptured spleen when he was stabbed by another man in an argument after a day of drinking, police said.

Missile defense opponent speaks in Fairbanks
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A former aerospace engineer turned arms control advocate says the Bush administration's missile defense plan won't work and its funding should be redirected to prevent more likely terrorist threats.

BP orders fourth double-wall tanker to carry Alaska oil
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- BP has ordered a fourth double-walled tanker for carrying Alaska oil to the West Coast, the company said Friday.

Trial for Manokotak man to begin in November
DILLINGHAM (AP) -- The trial of a Manokotak man charged with killing a teen-aged girl and another village man is scheduled for Nov. 5 in Dillingham Superior Court.

Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline lease renewal work begins
ATIGUN PASS (AP) -- As it worms its way south from the North Slope, the trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline looms large on the flat tundra before being dwarfed by the mountains of the Brooks Range.

Hatcher Pass Road closes
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The road over Hatcher Pass is closed, effective Monday.

Alaska Airlines set to get $100 million in federal aid
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Alaska Airlines and its sister carrier, Horizon, are in line to get about $100 million if the federal aid package for airlines is approved.

Anchorage man arrested on charge of operating meth lab
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Anchorage police arrested a man on charges of operating a methamphetamine lab, having a pipe bomb in his trailer and domestic violence.

Vandals attack Anchorage print shop owned by Arab-American
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Vandals smashed several hundred thousand dollars in computers, presses and other equipment at a printing company owned by a prominent Arab-American businessman and scrawled anti-Arab graffiti on a wall, Anchorage Police Chief Walt Monegan said.

A's wrap up AL wild card
OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Oakland Athletics clinched the AL wild card spot Sunday, capping a comeback from an abysmal April as Mark Mulder earned his 20th victory in a 7-4 victory over the Seattle Mariners.

Athletics run Mariners' losing streak to three games
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Terrence Long, Ramon Hernandez, Eric Chavez and Miguel Tejada homered as the Oakland Athletics beat Seattle 11-2 Saturday and sent the Mariners to their first three-game losing streak in a year.

Mets beat up Braves to move to 3 1/2 games out of first in NL East
NEW YORK -- Robin Ventura went 3-for-4 with a homer and two RBIs as the Mets gave New York a pennant race to cheer about with a 7-3 victory over the Atlanta Braves on Saturday night.

Bonds moves four from McGwire
SAN DIEGO -- Thanks, Tony. After Barry Bonds hit his 65th and 66th homers, leaving him four shy of Mark McGwire's record with 12 games to play, the slugger credited his big day to a chat he had with Tony Gwynn when they ran into each other in a stadium hallway before Sunday's game.

Pete Sprague

Mark D. Osterman

Mike Tauriainen

Mark Powell

Paul A. Fischer

Dan Skipwith

Gary Superman

Proposition 1: Vote 'Yes'
As you are aware I support the construction of a new prison adjacent to the existing facility in Wildwood. During my tenure as a state senator and as borough mayor I actively sought economic development on the Kenai Peninsula. Although a project of this nature was not available during my tenure, I would have fought actively in favor of such a project had it been available.

Answers to some questions surrounding prison proposal
Question: Why has the private prison project been rushed through the borough?

Proposition 1: Vote 'No'
Here are the reasons that I voted No on this legislation, and why I will vote No again on the ballot proposition concerning the prison.

Borough Proposition 1: Private Prison
May the Kenai Peninsula Borough contract with the State of Alaska and one or more private for-profit firms for the operation of a prison or correctional institution containing a maximum of 1,000 beds in the Kenai Peninsula Borough?

Assembly seat numbers up to borough voters
Kenai Peninsula Borough voters will decide Oct. 2 whether future borough assemblies will have nine or 13 members.

NOW PLAYING: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
If you go by nothing more than pure laugh quantity, then I can say unequivocally that Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the funniest movie I have seen all year. It also ranks up there as one of the most cleverly scripted films I've seen in a while. That said, I would definetely have to be very careful who I recommended this movie to.

Kardinals get past Mariners
Kenai Central High School's Dakota Craig said there wasn't a lot of skill involved in blocking kicks -- just a lot of drive and determination.

Junior takes American beauty
DOVER, Del. -- Inspired by Old Glory and its flag-waving fans, America's favorite driver -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. -- won the Cal Ripken Jr. 400 as NASCAR raced for the first time since the terrorist attacks.

Board hopefuls speak in Nikiski
Candidates for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education had a chance Tuesday evening to discuss their views at a forum sponsored by the Nikiski Elementary School Parent Teacher Association.

CPGH services expanded through new Kenai clinic
People needing health care in the Kenai, Nikiski and Kalifornsky area have a major new convenience: a Kenai clinic to provide services previously available only at the hospital in Soldotna.

Poll shows most Americans support military action
The results of a public opinion survey taken after President Bush's speech Thursday to a joint session of Congress outlining measures the government would take to respond to the terrorist attacks. Newsweek magazine polled 1,005 adults Thursday and Friday and had an error margin of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Bomb scare douses bonfire
A homecoming bonfire drew some unexpected heat Friday after the Kenai Police Department was notified that a juvenile was suspected of purchasing components for an explosive device.

National Guard unit, State Defense Force participate in hostage rescue scenario
A routine military training session Saturday took on new meaning for those involved.

Assembly hears land concerns
HOMER -- Buying and selling land was the topic at Tuesday's Kenai Peninsula Borough assembly meeting in Homer.

Administration vows to give evidence against bin Laden
WASHINGTON -- A solemn President Bush returned the American flag to full staff Sunday as the United States promised to lay out evidence making Osama bin Laden's guilt in the terrorist attacks ''very obvious to the world.'' The administration scoffed at Taliban claims he cannot be found.

Fire guts bluff apartment, no one hurt
Fire broke out in a Kenai four-plex late Sunday morning, gutting one apartment and damaging the others, according to Kenai Fire Department Assistant Chief Mike Tilly.

Bush bolsters coalition
WASHINGTON -- President Bush consulted at length with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday as the United States mustered a military assault on terrorism. Americans returned to their weekend games in a semblance of normalcy, but now their stadiums were no-fly zones.

Assembly takes time to remember Sept. 11
In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks against the United States, the assembly's traditional opening of the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer was augmented by the singing of God Bless America, led by Renda Horn and Ann Keffer, of Homer.

Many cities not prepared for terrorism
WASHINGTON -- A spot check of America's cities provides evidence of a widespread lack of local plans to prevent or deal with terrorist attacks, especially in smaller- and medium-sized towns.

Kenai airport tightens security
Baggage checks, security screenings, parking restrictions and an increased security presence are some of the changes that have been implemented at airports nationwide in the wake of the Sept. 11 airline hijackings and terrorist attacks on the United States. For airline passengers that can mean longer waits at the airport, tougher baggage restrictions and an inability to bring anything sharp, including knives, box cutters, scissors, nail files, tweezers and even the trusty Leatherman onto the plane.

Gerald L. Fisher
Gerald "Jerry" L. Fisher of Aztec, N.M., died Wed., Sept. 19, 2001, at his home after battling a long fight with pancreatic cancer. He was 68.

Tommy Corr
Longtime Soldotna resident Tommy Corr died Saturday, Sept. 22, at Providence Intermediate Care Center in Anchorage. He was 73.

William Jonathan Squire
William Jonathan Squire of Kenai died in a head-on collision Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2001, at Mile 91 of the Sterling Highway. He was 24.

Helen M. Harris
Longtime Cooper Landing resident Helen May Harris died Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2001, at Heritage Place in Soldotna. She was 80.

Proposition 1: Voters should cast 'Yes' vote if they don't know
If you are philosophically opposed to private, for-profit prisons and think corrections is a function of government and not business, then your decision about which way to vote on Proposition 1 come Oct. 2 is easy. You clearly will vote "No."

Aboard Flight 564: Pilot reminds passengers they are not helpless in face of terrorists
As it was at most U.S. airports, last Saturday (Sept. 15) was the first near-normal day at Denver International since the terrorist attacks. On United's Flight 564, the door had just been locked and the plane was about to pull out of the gate when the captain came on the public address system.

What others say
U.S. citizens have led sheltered livesNo room for prejudice

Letters to the Editor
Prison would provide exactly kinds of jobs peninsula needsKNA did its research on prison projectMany reasons to support prison projectPrivate prison or corporate welfare?Prison questions, no answers

Let peace begin with us
I don't have a television at my cabin, but after the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, I made it a point to stop in front of every TV that was on so I wouldn't miss any news.

Symbols say: Proclaim liberty
The United States of America is represented by many symbols. These symbols define us, as a people. They define us, as a nation.

Join activities while enjoying New England fall
Attention leaf-peepers: If the itinerary for your New England getaway is based on endless hours of admiring the fall foliage from behind your windshield, then it's time to get out of the car and get into the scenery.

Around the Peninsula
Food safety class offered for food handlersSmall business development center offers classDisaster relief training offeredRemembering Sept. 11Young Marines host information nightSchool board candidates address Kenai chamberFirst aid and safety classes availableSoroptimists bord to meetInteragency council resumes meetingsCounseling board meetsChinese auction benefit to be heldCrisis intervention training offeredAssistance available for child care providers

Jenny and David Ratky of SoldotnaTamara Rae and Jesse Miller of SoldotnaJohn and Anna Mallory of KenaiCharlene and Tim Johnson of KenaiFred and Charlotte Saavedra of Kenai

Miller, Zurfluh plan summer wedding
Dustie Jean Miller and Anthony Ryan Zurfluh have announced their plans to marry Saturday, Aug. 3, 2002, in Kenai.

My Best Friend
Two-year-old Chloe Newby decides she'll do the driving. Her passenger, Brewzer, leaves the door open -- just in case he needs to make a quick escape. Both Chloe and Brewzer belong to Tammy Newby of Soldotna.

Around the Peninsula
Small business workshop todaySchool board candidates to square offCommunity first aid class offeredCounseling board to meet Parenting class offeredChinese auction benefit plannedCrisis intervention training slatedHospice offers grief support programsAssistance available for child care providersKenai gas meeting canceled

Goblins, ghosts, ghouls, Wonder Women wanted
Did you ever dress up for Halloween?The Peninsula Clarion is seeking fun photographs of kids in costume for an upcoming edition.

Good cause
Members of the Ministry of the Living Stone Church in Sterling pose for a photo Saturday. The group sponsored a benefit car wash in front of Godfather's Pizza in Soldotna Saturday and raised more than $1,000 for disaster relief in New York.

Spady, Fulp wed in California
Naomi L. Spady of Soldotna and Brandon R. Fulp of Pollock Pines, Calif., were married Saturday, June 23, 2001, at First Baptist Church of Pollock Pines. The Rev. Michael Gower officiated.

Soldotna couple finds success in love, family, business, life
A lot of changes have happened in Alaska since Frank and Betty Kraxberger left their Nebraska home and headed north nearly 50 years ago. And from their 40-acre homestead on Gas Well Road, the couple views the changes with the same unshakable mixture of humor and inner strength that bound their paths together when they were 16 and 19.

Peninsula People
Eagle scout receives recognitionStudent awarded scholarshipAirman graduates basic training

Catnip might work as mosquito repellent, but will it draw cats?
CHICAGO -- Catnip, the stuff that drives cats wild, also appears to drive mosquitoes away, research suggests.

Hoisting the flag rooted in disparate emotions
Not once in his 38 years, Alvin Ray says, did it occur to him to wear the red, white and blue of his country -- much less raise Old Glory at his home in Petworth, a black neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

Celebrate with Fido during National Dog Week
"Guess my lucky star fell the day you came along, To my lonely heart you are like a special song, Singing sweetly your tender melody, Thanks to you the child inside me lives again, Thanks to you I have found a peace within."

Community News
Admission counselor to visit areaScholarship program deadline SaturdayRacing awards banquet slatedHomer Community Schools catalog available

Selling George: It's all in the location
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) -- We cannot tell a lie: George, Wash., is up for sale.

Ask a Trooper
Question: When did the law change saying I had to register my snowmachines?

Ravens find Bengals bungle no more
CINCINNATI -- The Cincinnati Bengals are 2-0, with a victory over the Super Bowl champs.

Australia, France win in Davis Cup
U.S. Open champion Lleyton Hewitt beat Thomas Johansson 7-6 (3), 5-7, 6-2, 6-1 Sunday as Australia clinched its semifinal against Sweden 4-1 to advance to a third consecutive Davis Cup final.

Jordan stalls comeback plan
WASHINGTON -- The five-month wait for the inevitable is nearly over. Barring an improbable, last-minute change of heart, Michael Jordan's comeback is about to become official.

Kenai keeps region title
The rain fell, the sun came out, the Stars shined and the Kardinals soared.

Flag football
Kansas City Chiefs fans cheered the New York Giants. The secondary of America's team, the Dallas Cowboys, ran onto the field carrying the stars and stripes.

Nikiski netters top Stars in four games
It's not every day that the Class 3A Nikiski High School volleyball team faces a Class 4A opponent like Soldotna.

Seminoles tumble in new AP poll
Florida State stumbled, then tumbled in the AP media poll.

Soldotna keeps Pentathlon crowns
The Soldotna High School boys and girls swimming teams weren't ready to give up their SoHi Pentathlon team titles -- not just yet.

CIA boys earn trip to state
Cook Inlet Academy freshman Brian Beeson won the boys race at the Region II, Class 1-2-3A cross country meet Saturday at Susitna Valley High School.

Skyview volleyball takes second at Valdez tourney
The Skyview High School volleyball team finished second at the Valdez Invitational Volleyball Tournament Saturday, dropping the championship match to the host Buccaneers 16-14, 3-15, 14-16.

Vargas stops Flores
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Fernando Vargas helped rescue the career of Jose ''Shibata'' Flores by putting him on his undercards and making him a sparring partner. On Saturday night, however, his generosity went only so far.

North Carolina pulls off upset of Florida State
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Florida State took a major hit in its bid to return to a fourth straight national title game, turning the ball over five times in a 41-9 loss to North Carolina on Saturday.

Swimming results
SOLDOTNA TRI MEET at Soldotna High SchoolSKYVIEW TRI MEET At Skyview High School

Smith rushes toward Payton in more ways than yards
IRVING, Texas -- Connie Payton first noticed the similarities when she was invited to Dallas to be part of a new fund-raising campaign for kids.

Super Bowl could move back a week
The Super Bowl probably will be delayed a week and will be moved if a schedule change in New Orleans can't be arranged, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue said Sunday.

A different college football Saturday
Tributes, tears and touchdowns. From Chapel Hill to Champaign to Pasadena's Rose Bowl, college football returned Saturday, but with a very different look and feel.

Burn tie Fire
DALLAS -- Chad Deering scored as the Dallas Burn tied the Chicago Fire 1-1 Sunday to force a decisive game in their opening round MLS playoff series.

Sports Briefs
Another sign Jordan's ready to confirm comebackEverett probably out for season

Allenby finds second wind, win
LIGONIER, Pa. -- Once Robert Allenby found his focus, he never lost his lead.

Bulldogs make quick work of Sitka
After a long day of travel Friday, the Nikiski Bulldogs still had enough energy to dominate the Sitka Wolves Saturday in Great Land Conference play.

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