Symbols say: Proclaim liberty

Posted: Monday, September 24, 2001

The United States of America is represented by many symbols. These symbols define us, as a people. They define us, as a nation.

The symbols of the United States speak of its goodness and glory. There is the Statue of Liberty. She stands in the harbor to remind us of "the poor, huddled masses" that we as a nation have welcomed to and protected within our shores.

There is the United States flag. Blood shed for democracy, true blue patriotism, pure idealism all come to mind when gazing upon the red, white and blue. The stars remind us that we are a nation of separate, but equal states.

This is a flag that is oftentimes called, "Old Glory." It is a flag that is beloved, not only by its own country folk, but by millions around the globe. It is a flag that has gone to war not only to defend its own country folk, but also to defend millions around the globe.

When one sees a mighty bald headed eagle, it is the United States that comes to mind. Proud, strong, free. This majestic creature fears nothing.

Nor does our nation.

The evil of terrorism has cracked our nation's defenses. They have not broken us, however. Perhaps, that is why, today, when I grieve for my country, I am reminded of another symbol.

The Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is, indeed, cracked. It is imperfect. Still, it is a symbol of the courage, determination and fortitude of the United States.

The inscription upon the Liberty Bell reads, "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof -- Lev. XXV, v.x. By order of the Assembly of the Province of Pensylvania (sic) for the State House in Philada."

Once more Americans are being called upon to "Proclaim liberty." At this time, we are called to proclaim it throughout the world.

Like the Liberty Bell, we may be scarred, but we are not broken.

I pray, and I can admit to praying because of the religious freedom of my great nation, that we move forward swiftly, justly and forcefully to proclaim liberty throughout the world.

God bless the people of the United States and all her allies, as we march forward to crush terrorism and proclaim liberty.

A grateful American daughter,

Colleen Madonna Flood Williams,


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