Reader asks: What exactly is happening?

Posted: Monday, September 24, 2007

All of us know they (especially the media) say Osama bin Laden organized the 9/11 attacks.

But six years later, the U.S. has not filed any charges, presented no evidence and, in fact, is not even seeking Osama bin Laden in connection with the crime.

Bin Laden is listed on an FBI's Most Wanted poster, but 9/11 is never mentioned on that poster. With no hard evidence to link bin Laden to 9/11, what exactly is going on here?

Renowned leaders are even calling for a new investigation of 9/11, ignored by mainstream media. The 9/11 Commission was a fraud. What exactly is happening? You decide. The resources are there.

Please remember there is a deadly war in Iraq we have been told to support now for over four years, because if we don't support it, we are un-American.

I ask you, what is more un-American than lying to the entire American public for six years? Our government has openly admitted there have been no WMDs found, and that Saddam Hussein had no connection to 9/11.

Is it right to let our children's mothers and fathers die for oil? Again, that is for you to decide. But in my opinion, no, it is absolutely not right.

Dustin Billings


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