September 25: Anchorage Daily News on ''made in Alaska'' label:

Posted: Monday, September 25, 2000

A story out of Juneau confirms what many observers have suspected. The souvenirs in local shops that say ''Made in Alaska'' may have been made in Indonesia or China. Or if they were made in Alaska, they weren't made by Native artists, as buyers are lead to believe.

Obviously there's money to be made in imports fixed up to look Alaskan. But dollars pocketed in this process really are the proceeds of fraud.

The sellers rely on the gullibility of buyers and the inability of real Alaska artists to fight back.

In editorials decrying such selfish and sleazy behavior, we would normally call on the state, the Better Business Bureau or some other influential actor to intervene and make things right.

Instead, we will just say to the purveyors of fakery: What goes around comes around. If you take advantage of people today, somebody will take advantage of you tomorrow.

And if you sell fake items long enough, you yourself will become a fake. That's punishment enough to remove the joy from life and well deserved for those who won't change their ways.

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