Seat C: Moock runs unopposed for 2-year term

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2001

One of Sharon Moock's main goals as a Soldotna City Council member would be to get the public more involved, she said.

Moock has lived in Soldotna for 17 years and is running unopposed for seat C. She served on the city council from 1985 to 1987 and from 1995 to 1996. She served on the borough assembly from 1987 to 1995. Moock is a board member for the Kenai Peninsula Care Center and is a teacher and activities director at Soldotna High School.

Moock has some reservations about the funding for the proposed events center. She questions why the bond is for $3.5 million when the cost of the center is $7 million, and why the parks and recreation department wasn't told to design something in the $3.5 million range if that is all the city could afford, she said.

"Maybe the current plan should have been for a $3.5 million or less center, if that's what the city manager deems we can afford," Moock said. "And I have a serious problem with putting in publication that other municipalities in the borough should help us pay for this because they'll derive a benefit for it. If I were on a council in any other municipality, I would say Soldotna was really off the mark."

According to Moock, there are a number of advantages to putting a new Kenai River bridge in Soldotna. Beside the obvious business advantages, fire and ambulance crews could reach residents of the K-Beach area in less than half the time it takes them now and it would provide more convenient access to Kenai Peninsula College, Moock said.

Moock believes the problem of business signs built on the Department of Transportation's right-of-way is just one in a line of problems with sign ordinances. She sees no reason to move the signs, since they are not a sight impediment and the DOT is not planning on widening the road, she said.

"My only concern with the DOT is that they be considerate and fair," Moock said.

Moock believes the protection of the Kenai River is an ongoing issues and thinks the city should continue installing boardwalks -- from Soldotna Creek to the Sterling Highway bridge. Another issue facing Soldotna is providing facilities for young people, Moock said.

Moock believes people should be involved in their communities in whatever role suits them best. One of Moock's main goals is to get more citizen input so the council can be more responsive to the wants and needs of the people in the community, she said

"It's sad when you're sitting in a meeting where we're setting the tax base for the next year and there isn't a single taxpayer there," Moock said.

"One of my goals is to get people interested and to take part, then maybe they'd feel it's fun, too."

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