Clarion shows power of the positive

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2001

No doubt, the world is changing. Many of us who came to the Kenai Peninsula are finding the world barging in on our peaceful refuge. Anchorage is becoming more and more like Los Angeles. Its big city problems are spreading out, much like the fireweed spreading its seed. In a "me-first" world, where morals and self respect are no longer sought, it can be hard to hold on to the idea of a community that values it's people.

A big influence on a community's optimism is the newspaper. How many times have we picked up the Anchorage newspaper to read of doom and destruction. A very good example of this is the view the Anchorage Daily News took of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Right across the front page, "TERROR!" In my opinion, sensationalism aimed at creating panic to sell papers.

In contrast, the Peninsula Clarion headlined that same fateful day with a fitting headline of "Day of Tragedy." This comparison clearly shows the point of view our local paper has taken that is all too often overlooked. But I have noticed this over and over again. The Peninsula Clarion has decided to focus on the good of our community.

Taking a chance that the public wants a positive outlook, the Clarion purposely looks for the bright spots, instead of digging for dirt. After reading the morning paper, I am left with a feeling of pride in our community and promise for the future of our community. From seniors to teen-agers to grade school, we have so many interesting, talented, generous, original, thoughtful, promising citizens. Many have been highlighted in the Peninsula Clarion.

A newspaper can pull a community together. It can also pull a community apart. Thank you for choosing to use the power of the paper to encourage a positive outlook.

Pat Lytle


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