Reader: Vote 'No' on term limits

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Please vote "No" on the term limits initiative. If passed, the initiative would kick out of office in the borough assembly even people that we, the electorate, had just voted in. It would remove some of the best assembly people, those with accumulated knowledge of borough affairs.

This proposition would not allow us, the voters, to elect the people we want and need into office. Actually, this is an attempt to take voting rights away from the public.

As it is now, if we don't like an action by an assembly person or school board member, then we can vote them out. It is our right and duty.

Please remember that an assembly person is elected from the district they serve, yet this initiative would let other parts of the borough negate the vote of his or her district.

Please vote "No" against the term limit proposal.

Stan Thompson

Former borough mayor


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