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Seat 1 Kalifornsky

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When the Clarion asked me to tell readers about my candidacy and my plans for working for the people of my district, I found myself going back to my statement in 2004. It still says for me all that I would like you to know and I present it again. Nothing has changed: I am still advocating for more regular instructional teachers in the classrooms and still concerned in what direction we are going in regard to our vocational education programs.

In regard to our fiscal crisis, our board still hasn't addressed or come up with a long-term solution to curbing our present year-to-year, slash-and-burn budget process.

My opponent, yet again, mentioned that we need experienced leadership and continuity (uninterrupted duration in time) in school board services to our communities. That 'continuity' has been nearly ten years now and each year the same thing happens.

Do we really want and need this kind of 'continuity'?

So, if you want to keep above the status quo (fiscal crisis), this will happen next year: (and the next and the next ... 'continuity'...)

* Parents and teachers who worry about over-crowded classrooms, forget about any relief in the near future (lower PTR's) and, of course, forget about any AP or elective classes.

* Parents who are concerned about co-curricular programs, worry not, as the program will be the first on the cutting block on next years budget process.

Just a side note; I have always felt that sports were an important part of our educational process. The camaraderie, discipline, teamwork, and competition is much needed for our kids who must go into the job market.

* Teachers that are pink slipped next year, worry not, as you might be reinstated and have the privilege of being re-interviewed once more.

* Our band aid approach in regard to our long-range fiscal plan will still be in place.

To end, I feel, if elected, I will make a difference. People who know me know that I am persistent and not in it for a popularity contest. Its time to think outside of the box. That is why I am running. Thank you.

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